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Hamman towel hybrids in Lidl!

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Blu Thu 09-Jul-15 11:24:06

Bought two this morning - they look like camping-friendly towels - cotton on one side and a non-bulky cotton towel loopstitch on the other, non-bulky for the size, good holiday beach towels, they are sold as dual purpose Pareo / towels. £4-99 each.

Blu Thu 09-Jul-15 11:27:23

OMG OMG OMG - I mean of course hamman towels shock blush I winder if MNHQ can change the thread title before I get arrested under the anti-terrorist laws blush

vindscreenviper Thu 09-Jul-15 11:32:23


I'll report for you as well op, that's a very unfortunate typo/auto correct.

Blu Thu 09-Jul-15 13:14:32

Thank you MNHQ!

beckym8678 Thu 09-Jul-15 14:36:23

Though they didn't change in time to stop me from snorting coffee from my nose. grin
Resistance offers of the week at Lidl....

LouisPasteur Sat 11-Jul-15 00:37:45

I can't find them! I can't see them on th it website either?
Would really love to get a couple of these.

SalomeD Sat 11-Jul-15 10:42:12

The hammam towels i bought via Amazon are my second best buy of the summer (iceytek being numero uno). Have brought 4 with us to France & they are brilliant, so much better than beach towels smile

LouisPasteur Sat 11-Jul-15 10:58:00

I'm sold, SalomeD.

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