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Ooh there's a camping topic!

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ShipShapeAhoy Tue 07-Jul-15 00:27:40

Yay this is just what I needed.

I'm after some advice please. I like camping but up until now have only done so in a tent and I'm looking to upgrade!

Have had to rule out caravans as our car is too small so I've been looking at campervans plus awning or folding trailer tents. Campervans seem a bit too expensive, even second hand but I'm worried the folding trailer tents won't be that comfortable.

What we're after is something with plenty of space for 2 adults and 1 child, lightweight enough to be towed with our small car, or that can be driven like a campervan. Our budget could go up to £10k, though I'd much prefer if it didn't have to! I'd love to hear about other people's experience with any of the above. smile

RhubarbCrumbled Tue 07-Jul-15 05:44:42

To start with what car do you have and what is it's kerb weight because this will tell you what you can tow. We have a Conway Challenger folding camper that we can tow with a Hyundai i10 1.2.
We love our folding camper. It's easy to tow and set up, loads of space and really comfortable. The Challenger is the basic model but lovely and comfy and quite roomy. Now we have a bigger car next time we'll go for a 6 berth but it fits us for now.
More modern FCs are like caravans once they're up and are roomier and cheaper than a camper van. Have a good look around and then buy second hand to try one out.

hz Tue 07-Jul-15 11:48:56

You could get yourself a Mazda Bongo for less than 10k. It's a camper van, imported from Japan. Easy to drive, factory fitted rising roof. Would easily accommodate 3, we have 4 in our family. We love our van but consider carefully how much you will use it as it's not cheap to run a camper van. Also bear in mind that when you camp in a van you have to be prepared to make and take apart your beds everyday if you want to go anywhere in the van. Of course it can be done but it takes a bit of organisation - folding camper etc can be left at the site if you realise you've got not milk (or whatever is essential for you) and need to dash to the nearest shop. However, folding camper will require storage when not in use so another thing to think about. Anyway, if you fancy checking out Bongo's here is a link to my blog where you will find out all you need to know!

ShipShapeAhoy Wed 08-Jul-15 00:27:39

Took me a while to locate this thread! Thanks for the replies!

Hmm I hadn't thought about that with the beds, hz. I will take a look at your blog tomorrow, thanks very much for the link.

Rhubarb, we have a dacia. I can't remember off the top of my head how much it can tow - I will have to look it up again. I will look at that Challenger model, really good to hear that it's comfortable.

TyneTeas Sun 12-Jul-15 01:02:14

For 10k it is likely that you could get both a decent second-hand caravan and tow-car

Adarajames Sun 12-Jul-15 01:16:56

I have a Dandy trailer tent, light to tow and UK made from a pvc material so can be packed away wet without rotting / going mouldy! I love it smile

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