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Cobb on own or Cobb and gas hob?

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wintersdawn Sat 04-Jul-15 07:31:15

About to launch ourselves in the world of camping now the kids are hitting school age and term time hols are out of reach and having become dangerously addicted to this topic have decided a Cobb is the best option for us for cooking.

However I see a lot of posters who use a Cobb and a gas cooker alongside each other. Is this for mainly heating water quickly? Or is there something I'm missing?


pastymuncher008 Sat 04-Jul-15 09:43:53

There's a lot you can do with a Cobb (just check out YouTube) but with having kids a small gas cooker may be looked upon as a prudent back up. It depends really on how much time you may have before some hot food needs to be provided.
I don't have a Cobb but like the look of them. I have a small BBQ and a single gas burner but I also like cooking on the camp fire. When it's raining the camp fire doesn't get lit and the BBQ can't be lit inside the tent either so that's when the gas burner gets used ... also I like a cooked breakfast when I'm camping and as I wake up hungry that needs to be quick! smile
Happy camping

Kintsugi Sat 04-Jul-15 10:02:43

I agree with party muncher. I think it depends how desperate you get for a hot drink - or your typical time between arriving back at campsite and wanting food after a day out?

Also you are in a one pan only situation with the cob alone - so a beakfast fryup for 4 in one pan ? and it would take - lets say an hour to reach the right temperature.

so VEEEEry slow mornings

I think I would be the other way round - buy a good gas cooker - and then buy one of these for fun if you wanted to -and had the space.
probably not what you wanted to hear.

RhubarbCrumbled Sat 04-Jul-15 12:35:03

I got a campingaz chef to start with and used that for several years before I got the Cobb. The Cobb is a brilliant addition, used instead of a bbq in s France, excellent to take to the beach or picnic, use it loads at home but I always still take the chef as well.

wintersdawn Sat 04-Jul-15 13:21:01

Thanks for the tips, might need a rethink smile

HolyDrinker Sat 04-Jul-15 14:04:49

Just a note, if you buy the cobblestones, you can cook on the Cobb virtually straight away. It's not like waiting for bbq briquettes to get to the right temp. I did a family fry up on it very easily, and cook most of our food on it (exception being pasta). The stones are pricey though.

DH was most sceptical about the Cobb but has been totally won over. It's much more useful than we first imagined. And I even made scones last trip, to have with freshly picked strawberries and cream!

Blu Sun 05-Jul-15 17:40:12

Expensive way to heat a kettle for your morning tea or coffee, though.

If you do go for a Cobb I would supplement it with a small one ring burner with the aerosol type cannisters.

RhubarbCrumbled Mon 06-Jul-15 10:22:39

I should probably add I don't use cobblestones as every time I go to buy them I just can't justify the price. I will get some for France this year though to make cooking a bit faster. I generally use heat beads or weber briquettes.

Paddington Wed 08-Jul-15 18:13:40

We take our much loved Cobb and a 2 burner gas cooker. We mainly boil the kettle on the cooker and use it occasionally for cooking things which might prove a bit too much of a juggle on the Cobb.

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