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Icey Tek or plug in coolbox?

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missy111 Wed 01-Jul-15 08:47:21

We are going to buy a new coolbox for this years camping trip. We have ehu. Any advice either way?

SalomeD Wed 01-Jul-15 11:04:38

You can always use an Iceytek if you don't have ehu - the electric ones only cool down a few degrees cooler than the outside air temp. It took me 3 years of pondering over whether or not to buy an Iceytek but for anyone wondering how good an Iceytek is:

It was my sons' Sports Day on Monday (9-4pm parents bring picnics, sweltering sunshine).

First outing of my 25L Iceytek, pre chilled it Sat/Sun. At 07:00 i put in two gel packs, 4 bottles of frozen water & 2x 1 litre tubs of homemade ice cream.

For the first round of ice creams i had to leave the tubs out of the coolbox a bit to defrost. The second round at 13:00 the ice cream was more soft scoop. The bottles of water had hardly started to defrost.

Amazing performance on what has been a very hot day. Fair to say that other parents couldnt believe we'd successfully brought ices & my boys were extremely popular with the classmates they shared their cones with.

Certainly have no regrets investing in my Iceytek now and even my husband thinks it was a good buy. ☀️

I guess for a camping trip I'd be inclined to buy a 40L though. The 25L is a replacement for our electric one which was a pain as you couldn't pack things on top as that's where the fan is (previous one had a side fan).

RhubarbCrumbled Wed 01-Jul-15 18:26:07

Icey tek. We've used an electric coolbox on hookup sites and the fan noise drove us mad and we couldn't use it on non ehu sites. I completely love the icey tek. It's been away for two long weekends and everything has been fresh and still chilled at the end and I don't think I'm using it as efficiently as we could.

Barbeasty Wed 01-Jul-15 20:24:32

I don't have either, but when we went camping at half term someone had their electric cool box plugged in in the kitchen area.

It was about the noise level of a washing machine doing a fast spin. And I mean my 13 year old washing machine doing a fast spin.

I wouldn't have been impressed if they had it on ehu rather than in a brick building!

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