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Camping meals in France

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RhubarbCrumbled Tue 30-Jun-15 21:36:23

What do you all cook when you camp in France? There are so many different products and I want to try new meals. We have a Cobb, 2 burners and a grill to play with. One of our favourites is moules frite abut what else?

ArsenalsPlayingAtHome Tue 30-Jun-15 23:00:30

Joining thread for advice, too!

hillbilly Wed 01-Jul-15 11:28:15

Definitely moules. We also get a lot of fresh fish to grill on the bbq to have with salad. Not very adventurous but fresh and tasty smile

CampingClaire Wed 01-Jul-15 12:15:06

We barely cook when we're there as its too hot…survive on fruit, bread, deli stuff and cheese mostly! Do get the thick bacon slices that are marinated in different herbs and spices for the BBQ though.

PotteringAlong Wed 01-Jul-15 12:37:12

Bread, cheese and wine, non?smile

babybat Thu 02-Jul-15 08:26:07

If we want something hearty and filling, cans of cassoulet go down a treat with a crusty baguette. Plus carotte rapee salad for vitamins and baba au Rhum for pud!

nilbyname Thu 02-Jul-15 08:30:42

Merguez sausages on the grill. Lots of salads.
Bread, cheese, olives, deli meats.

Langoustines on the grill.
Crevettes on the grill.

My body weight in macaroons grin

poocatcherchampion Thu 02-Jul-15 08:31:52

We BBQ most nights. Steak, prawns, brochettes, yum yum and yum

RhubarbCrumbled Thu 02-Jul-15 12:45:19

I'll be sticking to the BBQ and cheese and bread then! But if there are any other marvellous French delicacies I'm missing out on please tell me!

Laquila Thu 02-Jul-15 12:48:41

I second cans of cassoulet, as well as cans of lentils to go with fried sausages (we usually fry them with garlic and slices of apple.)

FunnysInLaJardin Fri 03-Jul-15 23:40:55

duck breast, cous cous and green beans, the bench mark for what we needed to take to cook on. BTW Safari chef and camping gaz cooker. Also anything we could barbecue - sausages, chicken, fish, salad and bread with cheese and chocolate walnuts for after. We are going to the Perigord Noir and I cant wait!

RhubarbCrumbled Sat 04-Jul-15 12:41:26

I know LaJardin! 5 weeks and we'll be on our way to the Cevenne. I'm so excited!

vitaminC Sat 04-Jul-15 12:55:35

Cassoulet really isn't a typical summer food! [Grin]
We are french and currently camping with my kids. We tend to buy fresh fruit and veg from the market every couple of days and meat, merguez sausages etc from the butcher (we have an electric grill).
A typical meal would be melon, taboulé (the stuff in a tin you mix together is not bad, but I usually add fresh vegetables and mint) and grilled meat and veg.
Fresh sardines are also great on the grill, and duck breast (magret de canard), as someone suggested.
Our campsite rents out refrigerators which makes a big difference if you can get one!

Paddington Wed 08-Jul-15 18:21:02

We BBQ meat and sausages, including whole chickens on the Cobb. We also do roasted potatoes and vegetables in foil in the moat around the Cobb. I also make large quantities of potato salad and puy lentil salad which keeps well for a few days in the fridge - we hire a campsite fridge. Tomato salad dressed in olive oil, salt and pepper is a simple but delicious winner and avocado, tomato, mozzarella & bacon. If we are feeling lazy and the children nag us a lot we buy pizzas at the supermarket and cook them in the Cobb. smile

RhubarbCrumbled Wed 08-Jul-15 19:08:09

That all sounds amazing. I'm definitely doing less cooking this year.

McDreamyMcNastyMcHottie Wed 08-Jul-15 19:18:40

BBQ, bread, salad and cheese.

I can't wait!!

HexBramble Wed 22-Jul-15 06:00:20

If I were to wrap veg in strong foil and place them directly on BBQ coals, would that work?

What size veg, and for how long do you reckon?

In fact, what veg?! grin
I'm loving the idea of foil wrapping, bunging on coals and scoffing.

JasperDamerel Wed 22-Jul-15 06:25:29

My favourite easy camping meal is to heat a tin of ratatouille, stir in some couscous, lemon juice and olives and leave to go lukewarm and for the couscous to cook. Serve with meat, lentil etc.

HexBramble Wed 22-Jul-15 06:31:14

I've just searched for camping tinfoil dinners on Pinterest - loads of ideas.
Would I be able to place a packets of foil directly onto a BBQ grill? We are carrying a briefcase BBQ. Or should it go on embers?

Excited at the thought of foil cooking!grin

findingmyfeet12 Wed 22-Jul-15 06:45:14

The cans of lentils can be a bit bland. I usually add a bit of garlic, lemon juice and fresh herbs to them. It makes all the difference.

Merguez sausages are great with lots of things including chopped up and added to omelettes.

justwondering72 Sun 26-Jul-15 08:23:11

How do you cook magret de canard on the BBQ?

In addition to all the above, we often pick up a whole cooked chicken at the markets.

I hardly take any food when we go camping these days other than the basic cooking things (oils, salts, spices etc), as it us so easy to stick up on fruit, easy veg / salad and BBQ meats/fish every couple of days.

Blu Sun 26-Jul-15 17:26:37

Hex, I have put foil parcels on the BBQ grill. I use courgettes, onions, peppers, aubergine, a slug of olive oil, herbs and lemon juice. I guess it depends how hot your coals are. I have a Weber 'go anywhere ' and tend to use a slow heat and put the lid on.

FunnysInLaJardin Sun 26-Jul-15 21:07:44

we use our Safari Chef to cook Magret de Canard as it has a solid grill plate and the fat doesn't go straight on to the flames. Only 4 days till we go <excited> Just got to finish up at work now, but the more I do the more crap comes in so it seems........

FunnysInLaJardin Sun 26-Jul-15 21:09:54

oh and Rhubarb enjoy the Cevannes. Next year we might head further south. Any recommendations? We had thought about Provence as we have friends there and love it, but are quite seduced by the idea of getting to know the Perigord Noir in more detail

justwondering72 Mon 27-Jul-15 16:11:09

Ah we only have an open charcoal grill. I'm sure it can be done - I have an old wine harvest cook book with a picture of loads a magret de canard in a rack waiting to go in an open wood grill - but no instructions. Hmm off to google... Bones vacances everyone;)

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