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Camping site near Swanage for beginners?

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This will be our first proper time camping, are there any sites near Swanage you would recommend. We don't need electric hook up but would quite like decent shower block and maybe a play area.

SisterMoonshine Mon 29-Jun-15 21:06:01

Is Wareham Forest near enough?
Great facilities including a pool. If you don't need hook up you can camp right in the forest away from the rows of caravans.
Short drive to crabbing at Swanage.
It's quite expensive as far as campsites go though.

Elizabeth267 Mon 29-Jun-15 22:05:08

I agree with Wareham Forest, love it. ulwell cottage is nearer though, but it's quite cramped - I think!

hz Tue 30-Jun-15 11:26:00

How about Longthorns Farm. Beautiful site, close to Lulworth Clove. Brand new shower/toilet block which I'm reliably informed by someone on here is good. You can have a campfire. There is lovely woodland, stream, rope swings, alpacas and horses in the adjacent fields. Generally a very pleasant place. Review I wrote with lots of lovely pics here

Thank you for your suggestions, Wareham with it's pool looks inviting if the weather stays like this! However Longthorns Farm looks gorgeous as well, especially with its hire of a fire pit!

Just to update, we went to Wareham Forest for 2 nights and it was amazing. The shower/washing up blocks were clean, the pool was amazing and we did a fantastic nature trail around the park. We were lucky enough to be mid-season so it was only £44 for 2 nights for 4 of us which as it had a pool I think is a bargain.

HZ - love your camping reviews blog, will be deffo looking through them to book the next place.

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