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canet plage

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forgivenminds Tue 23-Jun-15 17:03:49

I'm looking for a site in or around canet plage in south of France for this summer I've of thoose I've contacted they all have availability which is a relief . I've looked at la Brasilia, camping ma praire and California all from the caravan club book were are looking to meet up with some friends who annually go to la Brasilia in a static but won't be spending all day or every day together so don't have to be too close as most will be on are own . As anyone being to any of the sites or any in the area ?

FrozenAteMyDaughter Tue 23-Jun-15 17:13:59

We went to Le Brasilia a couple of years ago and loved it. Great pool complex and right on the beach. We liked the market place there too and had several evenings at the bar/restaurant. If you have young kids it is good fun - DD, then 3, enjoyed their mini show in the evenings.

Its only downside is it is not really near any nice town or village, certainly not walking distance. That year, we met up with friends who were camping just up (or down - I forget) the coast at a Castels site, Les Criques do Porteils Their site had stunning views over the bay as it is up high and was reasonable walking distance (though you would need to be fit) from Collioure which is a lovely town. There is parking there if walking doesn't appeal.

That site was 45 minutes drive from Le Brasilia, so maybe too far, but we loved Collioure, so maybe one to consider?

We preferred Le Brasilia as a site to be honest, particularly the facilities like restaurant and pool, but our friends weren't as impressed and liked Les Criques better. All of us preferred the location of Les Criques because of Collioure.

LikeASoulWithoutAMind Tue 23-Jun-15 17:19:28

I stayed at Ma Prairie many moons ago - it's still run by the same family now. It's a little more low key than some of the other sites in the area. Lovely friendly laid back atmosphere 30 years ago and the pitches are quite peaceful as the pool and bar are altogether in a separate bit.

The beach in Canet Plage itself is rammed in August (you could barely see the sand between the sunbathers kind of rammed) but I'm sure there are quieter bits further out of town.

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