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Mazda Bongo

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Shrimpster7 Tue 16-Jun-15 17:33:54

Hi All,

We are thinking of buying a Mazda Bongo with a roof conversion.

Can anyone provide any advice for sleeping on fold down seats in a Mazda Bongo Camper van?

We are concerned that the seats will be pretty uncomfortable. We are not sure if we would need a blow up mattress, self inflating mattress or memory foam?

Also, we are thinking of getting a hammock that goes across the front seat (for our 3 year old), has anyone got any experience of these?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all.

hz Tue 16-Jun-15 17:53:14


The seats can be a bit uncomfortable because of the contours, you can even them out with judicious arrangement of SIMs, pillows etc but the easiest thing is to get the seats reupholstered so the contours are removed it costs about £500. Check out my blog for lots of information about buying and converting Bongo's. If you have any more questions just out them in the comments and we will do our best to answer. Hope it helps!

landoflove Tue 16-Jun-15 22:22:22

I would recommend buying the roof and cabin memory foam matresses from Comfortz Lesiure. We didn't want to alter the seats whilst used by the children. A double SIM works OK but is a pain to deflate every time you go out in the van. The Comfortz Lesiure mattress just folds up and can be stored behind the rear seats. Only downside is that it is a bit bulky but worth it for a good nights sleep IMO!

Shrimpster7 Tue 16-Jun-15 23:28:37

Thanks for those posts - have discovered 2 new websites so have lots of reading to do!

hz Wed 17-Jun-15 14:36:03

Oh cool, landoflove, hadn't heard of those. Off to check them out! By the way reupholstering the seats does not affect the safety. The structure, belts etc are untouched.

Shrimpster7 Wed 17-Jun-15 16:38:53

Hz please may I ask you for some more advice.

The dealer I was going to buy a Bongo from is pushing us towards a Toyota Alphard.

We have three kids (3,5 and 9) and looking to buy a camper van with a leisure battery and top bedroom conversion.

Do you think we can all fit in a Bongo?

Thank you again.

P.S - Great website Hz!

hz Wed 17-Jun-15 20:01:08

Sorry did you not get my reply on the website? I have to be honest I think it would be a bit of a squeeze for 3 kids. Are you planning to put the kitchen conversion in? If yes, it will def be tight. If not then the whole of the down stairs including the front seats can be laid down to create one enormous bed. Plenty of room for all and not a bad option. We rarely use the kitchen as we cook on the fire - though I would miss the fridge and the sink is handy. There are lots of configurations you choose for a Bongo for instance retaining the back seat and shortening the other seat and turning it around so that some passengers are sitting with their backs to the driver's cab (hope that makes sense). This would mean you have enough seats and a camper lay out but I would think sleeping would be a squeeze. With a normal mid conversion (like ours) you retain the back seats but the middle one has only a lap belt. (The bench seat behind the drivers cab in ours is not suitable for travel. ) TBH the Alphard may be a better option for you, it is that bit bigger as far as I can see. I do know people who had a Bongo and 3 kids but they also used a tent. Now our kids are getting bigger we at looking at getting a bigger van too - the Alphard is a great option as far as I can see. Glad you like the website!

Shrimpster7 Wed 17-Jun-15 23:20:13

You are a star hz!

Very helpful. Thank you.

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