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Can anyone recommend a good campsite in Dorset?

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TheFutureSupremeRulersMum Mon 15-Jun-15 19:39:47

We're looking to camp as a group of three tents. Ideally, we'd like nice showers, loos etc and possibly campfire. Does anyone have any personal recommendations?

Milliways Tue 16-Jun-15 22:39:33

Try Longthorns Farm - new shower/loo block opened this year and it's right next to Monkey World.

TheFutureSupremeRulersMum Wed 17-Jun-15 07:42:03

Thanks for the recommendation Milliways. Have you stayed there recently? Do you know if it gets very crowded?

rumgy Wed 17-Jun-15 07:46:36

We love longthorns too. Even when busy there is plenty of space.

FrozenAteMyDaughter Wed 17-Jun-15 09:47:38

If you're going in August, Eweleaze. There are nice showers and loos there (albeit some of the loos are compost ones so you do have to seek the regular ones out). Campfires are a must there, the site has its own (stony) beach and the views from some of the fields are amazing. Plus it is brilliant for small children if you have any - haybales to climb, guinea pigs to cuddle etc.

hz Wed 17-Jun-15 14:47:57

Good to hear new shower block is open Milliways, the showers were Longhorns only weak point! Riverside Lakes also fantastic site and Burnbake near Studland lovely woodland site.

Kahlua4me Thu 18-Jun-15 06:24:25 is fantastic. We have been there twice now abd it was excellent both times. The owners are extremely helpful too.

You can't have a campfire as such but we used our BBQ as one!

Milliways Thu 18-Jun-15 16:33:53

We were at Longthorns in May and it was quiet, but out of season. Owners were lovely, as were the Alpacas.
We recently stayed at Sea Barn Farm ( shared facilities with West Fleet Farm) and that was in a lovely spot, good looks etc, but no campfires.

Milliways Thu 18-Jun-15 16:40:04

Longthorns Farm new facilities.
Only negative is to shower button needs pressing every 5 seconds!

Milliways Thu 18-Jun-15 16:42:04

Sea Barn Farm view

HairyMaclary Thu 18-Jun-15 16:43:53

Burnbake - fabulous place - best by a long way in our opinion!

hz Thu 18-Jun-15 16:57:47

Show block looks much improved Milliways! The showers before were awful. Who ever thought a salon style door to a shower right in front of the door from the outside was a good idea needs their head examined! Sea Barn view looks lovely, do they allow campfires Miilways?

Milliways Thu 18-Jun-15 20:15:05

Sadly not, not even a raised fire pit - BBQs had to be coal or gas only, no wood sad lovely area though.

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