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Best cool box?

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kate7590 Tue 09-Jun-15 21:02:07

Whats the best, family size cool box? TIA smile

RhubarbCrumbled Wed 10-Jun-15 09:04:20

Icey Tek. Worth the money.

isambardo Wed 10-Jun-15 09:09:23

Yes, I recommend icey tek too. We just bought one and camped for four nights - still had ice in our drinks on the last night! They are big and expensive though, we got the 40l.

hillbilly Wed 10-Jun-15 11:40:04

Since I don't have an Icey Tek yet I will recommend Igloo cool boxes. We have 56L (or quart, I'm not sure) and so long as I cool it down the night before it lasts me 5 days (have not tried for longer) - I do change the ice blocks if poss if away for that long though too.

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