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Can anyone recommend somewhere a bit like des mathevies?

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ForSaleChesterDraws Tue 09-Jun-15 17:21:35

We went last year and would love to go again this year but it's booked up when we want it. We don't actually camp but want to stay in a chalet.

Can anybody recommend a campsite like it, that is small (below 100 pitches) but has the same sort of vibe and facilities? We've looked at Eurocamp but they look huge and aimed at older kids.

We would like somewhere in France, Northern or central but not opposed to travelling a bit further to get somewhere good.

Unlike des mathevies we'd quite like to be able to walk into a little village or restaurant.

On the essentials list is
Family friendly
Kids pool (travelling with a 2 year old)
Nice kids playground
Nice area to have a drink/ meal in
Bread delivery
Chalets/ gites to rent
Relaxed atmosphere

Many thanks in advance.

CampingClaire Wed 10-Jun-15 14:42:33

Ha…can recommend a few like it but unfortunately that's the problem…too like it and not within wandering distance of a village etc!
I've picked sites before this way…
go onto google earth and zoom into different areas. Type in 'campsites' in search and then see where they are and then investigate them further!
Happy searching!

ForSaleChesterDraws Wed 10-Jun-15 15:30:58

Thanks. I've been reading reviews on Cool Camping, UKcampsites and tripadvisor trying to find somewhere!

We just need some time to switch off and potter!

FrozenAteMyDaughter Wed 10-Jun-15 16:31:15

What about Les Valades? That always seems to get great reviews on here - I don't know if it is walking distance from a town though.

ForSaleChesterDraws Wed 10-Jun-15 16:42:46

Lol at your name, Frozen!

Unfortunately they don't have any availability for when we want to go.

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