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Need advice from camping gurus

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BiddyPop Tue 09-Jun-15 16:08:46

I haven't slept under canvas in almost 20 years. But have been asked to accompany cub troupe on 2 night camp.

I am getting the loan of a sleeping bag (claims to be artic weight) and sleeping mat.

I have plenty of thermals (regular winter and ski hol this year) and will bring some to layer up for bed. And hat, gloves, sleeveless down jacket etc for campfire (and sleeping if needed).

Plenty of socks, my walking trousers, walking shorts, a spare long and short legs, daily t shirt and a spare long sleeved top, hoodie. Towel, washgear, togs, sunscreen, hat, rain jacket.

I have a headlamp torch. We're hunting for my old rucksack.

As I am not yet a leader, I don't have a lot of gear. I know a tent will be provided but not a clue what type (and I know I will have it to myself - so can read until late if still awake!!). I've been told not to bring crockery, utensils etc as they are part of troupe gear.

What am I missing in my own list? What is really useful? What should I leave at home?

I know there are activity centre leaders who will do the activities, troupe leaders (incl me) will be doing the cooking but have spare time in daytime. And it's away in the depths of nowhere, I'll have no car, so reading or maybe something like small knitting project, or maybe a swim at some point in the lake, rather than MN/shopping/other activities are more likely. (We do have a car so I can bring as much as I like, just DH is taking it home again until collecting us on the Sunday - I can see us going back to being a 2 car family far sooner than he expected!!).


(It seemed like such a sensible thing to say "Yes" when asked, forgetting a wedding in the weekend in between, the 20 year gap since camping last, and my growing penchant for luxuries in life like hot water......)

lavendersun Tue 09-Jun-15 16:13:08

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lavendersun Tue 09-Jun-15 16:14:50

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StuntBottom Tue 09-Jun-15 16:18:03

I always take a hot water bottle. Extra warmth in bed and also nice to cuddle up to when you're sitting around in the evening if it's cold.

If you like a glass of water by your bed at night, take a water bottle. You might want to take a little lamp as well as the head torch. Not a wind-up one as they run down really quickly so you're constantly winding. All the camping/outdoor shops do little ones for a couple of pounds. I like the LED ones as they are really bright.

Otherwise, you sound pretty kitted up! Have fun.

BiddyPop Tue 09-Jun-15 16:44:27

OK, lamp for tent as well as head torch.

Water bottle.

HOT water bottle (excellent thought!!)

Makes me think of small flask for late night tea in tent grin rather than worrying about plates (it's only 2 days, how bad will they get!)

lavendersun Tue 09-Jun-15 16:47:26

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

BiddyPop Tue 09-Jun-15 17:03:51

Who am I kidding - as the "girl", I will probably be in charge of overseeing each Patrol doing their washing up. And heavily involved in cooking.

Not all. The 3 leaders are lovely, and well capable (I was on the overnight hike in a hostel before Easter) - but I'm a girl and a mammie so will end up gravitating towards the kitchen end of things (can I do my Quartermaster before other quals?!)

headlesslambrini Tue 09-Jun-15 17:17:02

Wet wipes are a must.

lavendersun Tue 09-Jun-15 22:26:13

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BiddyPop Wed 10-Jun-15 07:41:59

Adds wet wipes to the list

workingtoohardmum Wed 10-Jun-15 07:48:39

Fleece blankets ..(the type u get cheap from ikea ) dry quickly if they get wet and an extra layer or pillow at night ....and a fleecy hat to wear to bed .. very important to keep warm at night will love it .....

workingtoohardmum Wed 10-Jun-15 07:49:24

Oh and a thermal mug with lid ...If you like your coffee to stay hot :-)

babybat Wed 10-Jun-15 15:28:20

Insect repellent (midges/mozzies seem to love campsites), earplugs and one of those eyemasks you get on planes (unless you like being woken up by the dawn).

BiddyPop Thu 11-Jun-15 09:50:25

Adding coffee travel mug to list (probably my battered metal one is best - DH would NOT be happy if his larger but plastic one was damaged).

Insect repellant!! ! Oh dear Lord YES!!! It is on the edges of a lake and I completely forgot that!! (I have sugary blood or something - they adore me always!).

Taking back my eyemask from DH may be a problem - but he will be cosy all weekend, AND have the car.

I have a picnic blanket that has a foil backing (to make it waterproof) and rolls up into a small pack to carry. Would it be worth bringing that for under a sleeping mat/SIM or is that just extra weight to carry?

I haven't seen the "sleeping mat" that my DAunt uses yet - as her DH goes on camp too, I presume it's decent, but I'll see it next week sometime. (Note to self - ring DAunt about calling one night next week!!).

BiddyPop Thu 11-Jun-15 09:51:08

And thank you all - I am taking on board all of your suggestions!!

meebles Thu 11-Jun-15 10:02:32

Camping chair? In my group the leaders usually bring their own chairs for evenings etc. In a 2 day camp you won't have that much down time - as soon as you've finished one meal, chased them about sun block/hats/shoes/waterproofs got them to an activity you'll be preparing for the next snack/meal! You'll be telling them to go to sleep until 10- 11pm (if you're lucky) and up at 5 to tell them to stop shouting.

It will be ace though! Have fun.

nailsathome Thu 11-Jun-15 10:02:54

Sachets of hot chocolate/cappuccino etc are great too.

Flip flops for walking to the showers

JinglyJanglyJungleBigGameTours Thu 11-Jun-15 10:06:24

Anti-histamines in case any insects manage to get though the repellent.

I used to take a roll of the silver insulation that you put down the back of radiators, it rolled up with my carrymat and I put the silver side face up under my mat so that heat from me didn't escape into the ground so your picnic mat might work like that too.

lavendersun Fri 12-Jun-15 06:40:49

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

orangefusion Sat 13-Jun-15 23:13:29

I also say take a hot water bottle. And a chair. Not sitting on the floor is pure luxury when camping.

BiddyPop Fri 19-Jun-15 10:46:19

Thanks everyone.

Packed up last night. Decent sleeping bag and a thermarest type mat from DAunt, as well as a fleece blanket! Am bringing a pillow too.

DH didn't see the packing so hasn't mocked the hot water bottle, hat, neck fleece and spare ski socks I threw in alongside the ski thermals he knew about. I may not need them, but I am an old Guide so like to "be prepared". And while the forecast is decent enough, what I do recall about camping is being awake from cold, so would prefer to strip down than try to heat up, and am quite happy to bring home things unused.

Damn, just remembered I forgot my old notebook I meant to check this morning - from my Campers badge, with instructions for putting up the big tents. Opps, must check online instead.

I think I have all I need, I forgot a lamp torch but have a hand torch and a headlamp so they'll do.

Other leaders have a tent for me.

Flask, thermal mug, water bottle and an aluminium bottle (which will carry water this afternoon but I'll put a good glug of milk into for overnight tea in tent!!). 2 packets of biscuits to share with leaders over tea late at night or while kids on activities. And a bag of apples and a couple of twixes for the tent. grin

Found the camping chair in the shed, and took 2 decent books for in public (a history one I'm reading, and a Terry Pratchett) and 1 to send me to sleep in tent (not indecent just trashy). And note paper to write to siblings abroad in the peace.

Used up almost all my Ziploc bags in packing DD and my bags, splitting hers into outfits and mine more haphazard. I did remember a pair of shorts for over togs, in case I have to go into the lake or get a chance to go canoeing!

Bought wet wipes, nappy sacks, anti-bug spray, san towels (in case any older girls need them - they're up to age 12) and a disposable camera for DD this morning. And have a couple of packs of tissues for any required uses.

I'm looking forward to it now grin - thanks for the advice, I was slightly panicked when I posted last week.

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