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self inflating mat - 3cm, ok for children??

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hazeyjane Sat 06-Jun-15 08:12:21

Just looking ar getting sims for the children. Dh and I have a 7.5cm mat which is great, but folds up pretty big. Do you reckon 3cm is ok for children (they are all pretty small and light!)

RaisingSteam Sat 06-Jun-15 08:17:12

I think so - our DC have slept on thin foam mats fine for years. A lighter SIM is useful to have, they will be the envy of friends if they do scouts or D of E in the future.

Blu Sat 06-Jun-15 20:53:46

Perfectly fine.

Our SIMS are 2.5 cm and fine. You have your sleeping bag under you, too.

Daisybell1 Sun 07-Jun-15 09:30:51

Oh yes, DD sleeps on a thin foam mat quite comfortably.

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