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Home But Away Camping at Croyde Bay

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alybalybee Mon 01-Jun-15 19:46:50

I've been lurking on the camping pages for a few months. We had our 1st fabulous family camp last week thanks, in no small way, to all the advice and guidance I've gleamed from these pages. Thank you.
We're now keen to book a weeks camping in Cornwall in August, we're very late to the party I know. However, that aside, does anyone have any knowledge/experience of Home But Away Camping at Croyde Bay? It looks like the perfect site for us, DSs adore being in the water with their body boards but I can't find much info about HBAC.
Thanks in advance.

jo164 Sun 07-Jun-15 18:50:37

I don't know anything about the home but away camping, but they seem to Use Ocean Pitch campsite, which used to be called Mitchums in Croyde. It is right next to the beach and facilities were always nice and clean when I used to stay there. Not sure if they have any hook ups though if you use them. It is right next door to Ruda Bay, which has a small supermarket, laundry facilities, swimming pool, and bar/restaurant, all of which you can use. Croyde itself has a couple of shops and pubs and is very popular in the Summer. Braunton is a short drive away for more useful facilities if you need them. Lovely part of England :-) have been to Croydemany times.

JessBear123 Sun 07-Jun-15 19:13:30

We love Croyde Bay! Though I am unsure what HBAC is. This summer we are staying in a cottage in village, we used to stay in Ruda (parkdean) with a tent and was great! There are other camp sites around the area mostly owned by parkdean but a lot cheaper, still close to the beach and still able to use the facilities.

You cant go wrong with croyde bay.
The village is a small walk from the beach.
There are children friendly pubs, couple of clothes chops, Café and an ice cream shop that seems to be open till gone 10 at night.

It will be very busy in the summer but it just makes a nice relaxed atmosphere.
Don't forget your wetsuit.

Kez100 Sat 13-Jun-15 22:06:59

Croyde is in Devon not Cornwall. Other than that they are both lovely! I was born in one and live in.The other!

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