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Self inflating mats or airbeds?

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Waggamamma Sun 31-May-15 15:15:00

first time campers here. We have a 4yr old and 8month old. We've purchased our tent and sleeping bags but also been told something to sleep on is essential. What would you recommend? we're on a tight budget so it's either the aldi sim mats or Argos airbeds? we have limited space in the car too.

Our tent is a 6man one with two bedrooms and a living space but for our first few trips I think we'd all like to sleep in the one room as I'm worried my 4yr old might wander.

Blu Sun 31-May-15 16:10:16

SIMS are warmer, as they insulate you from the ground, air beds do not. Also 4 year olds tend to jump on air beds and puncture them, or else roll off them. SIMS take up more space, probably, for packing, but you don't need a pump or all the extra warmth-making strategies. Aldi SIMS are great, and if you really want to economise the 4 year old will be fine on a cheap roll out mat.

To prevent escaping 4 year olds zip the zip right to the top of the door not the bottom. They can't reach. Also, some people put a bell on the zip so that it would wake you. zips wake you anyway. One of the banes of camping .

Waggamamma Sun 31-May-15 19:01:10

Thanks blue. I didn't realise that sims were insulating too, I think we'll go for 3 of those. I saw some in aldi today so hopefully they still have them when I go back during the week.

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