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Coleman Camp Oven

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lavendersun Wed 20-May-15 16:36:20

My latest gadget arrived today - a foldable camping oven. I had to buy it from the US but I like the look of it (which is promising!).

I have been thinking of buying an oven for years and never done it. Have a dutch oven but don't often light a fire early enough to cook on if at all. I have looked at the gas ovens but they are enormous and while we have room in the car it just seems a step too far.

Hopefully it will do what I want to nicely, I wanted it for our long summer trip but will try it out next week now that it is here:

fleamadonna Wed 20-May-15 16:41:08

bought DP this for his birthday.

just sharin' grin

lavendersun Wed 20-May-15 16:43:12

Nice flea, we are planning on picking up an Edfell stove next week on our camping trip via a small detour (!), we were going to wait a bit but decided not to.

FrozenAteMyDaughter Wed 20-May-15 16:43:21

Oh I like that lavendersun. I'd better keep that link away from DH or it will be on our doorstep in no time!

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