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Does anyone have the Soulpad 3000 ultralite?

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GlomOfNit Tue 19-May-15 00:09:03

I'm pondering getting it to do short camps with my older son. We already have a 5 m soulpad (separate groundsheet) and love it, but it's huge for two of us and a pig to carry! The ultralite is only 10.5kg. My main worry is that it's a sewn-in groundsheet. I like the separate groundsheet, because I can dry it separately without worrying about damp canvas. (It gets stored separately too, and I know it can be replaced without costing £££s, unlike the canvas part.) Is it going to be a real bind having an all-in-one tent that has to be dried as one unit?

How is it inside - pole goes between two sleepers but is that uncomfortable? DS1 is very into snuggling up and cuddles, and he loves the idea of a tent just for him and mummy <sigh>.

It's that, or something like a Quechua 2/3 man pop-up job, but I've just seen loads of those at a festival and they are so much tinier than I'd imagined! Gives me the heebie jeebies.

lavendersun Tue 19-May-15 07:42:49

We recently bought a tentipi with a separate groundsheet for weekend camping (other tent has a sig).

The separate groundsheet is a massive plus isn't it really, especially for weekends. We have put a big hook up in our barn so that we can dry the canvas bit without worrying.

I haven't had a separate groundsheet for a few years but if you want canvas in a weekend tent I would either go for separate, or have a re-think and go for a ridge tent or small pyramid.

I have a small cabanon ridge with SIG which is easy to put up at home if not quite dry enough. BCT (the scout tent people) do some lovely little ridge tents. One of them is in a treated fabric (poly cotton I think) for all year round use. I did get them to send me fabric samples because we always have cotton and it was fine but then we went off in another direction (as you do).

GlomOfNit Tue 19-May-15 19:53:15

I see Soulpad do a 3m bell with a hybrid (zippy) groundsheet, but it's much more expensive, and more money. Might keep my eye open for a 2nd hand one.

Thanks for suggestion about canvas ridge tent, and BCT - will look into that.

Still interested to hear from any Soulpad ultralite owners, though! smile

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