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Any caravanners with a seasonal pitch / summer storage plus towing onto pitch?

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ChippyMinton Mon 04-May-15 21:45:59

Thinking of doing this with DParents caravan, so they can use it without the hassle of towing (and we can use it for the odd weekend with the DC). Has anyone got experience of doing this and would mind sharing the benefits and pitfalls?

Looking for a site near the south coast, if anyone is willing to share a gem (via PMsmile)

iwantgin Sun 10-May-15 15:10:40

We have a tourer whcih we don't tow.

It is stored all year round on a site(in their compound) and we pay per month. The site is closed for 4 months over winter so we can't use it then. We then have the option of putting it on a seasonal pitch or having it towed on to pitch. We have done both.

it's tricky to find sites which do all this actually. We had to move ours from previous site, as the site was changing from tourers to log cabins etc I would say make sure that you reallylike the area, and the site. Check out in advance if there is a charge for electricity/water if on a seasonal pitch (as of course, some people will be there most of the summer, others just now and again).

It's good if you don't mind visiting the same area each time. Ours is now just over an hour from home - near York. So, is good for weekends away. But our DC aren't interested in going now they are getting older. Me and DH don't get time to visit often.

ChippyMinton Sun 10-May-15 21:37:30

Thanks for replying iwantgin.

I've been looking at CC and C&CC sites, but there are restrictions about who can use the van ie the member only, or family members living at the same address, which wouldn't suit us. How did you go about finding a suitable site?

iwantgin Mon 11-May-15 07:17:03

I just ploughed through the sites which had storage facilities in the area we preferred -using ukcampsite website.

Only a few had year round storage - and would tow it onto pitch when we requested to stay.

ChippyMinton Mon 11-May-15 18:11:00

Thanks, will have a look at ukcampsite in our preferred areas smile

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