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Campsite in France?

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NewNameFor2015 Sat 02-May-15 15:57:25

We are looking for a campsite in France, my DH speaks fluent french and mine is rusty and needs musch improvement so language isn't a problem and more than happy to visit 'local' sites rather than 'toursty' ones where they may speak more English.

we would ideally like to take our own camping stuff (staying in a pre built tent makes me idea why!!) so are driving over, there are 4 adults, a 1yo, 3yo, 4yo, 5yo and a 7yo) so dont really want to drive more than around 5 hours from the port. We're looking to go in September (haven't yet got 1yo a passport!)

anyone have any ideas?!

CampingClaire Sun 03-May-15 12:54:34

Ferme du Prunay near Blois. Great for the small kids and the staff/owners English is minimal. Loads of Dutch stay there which works for us as I find they 'camp' well…kind, considerate and hands on parents.
There is a sort of petting farm…baby goats, pigs a very friendly horse on site.
We love it…by far our fav French site (have been known to detour trips around France just to fit in a stay there).
It's quiet, entertainment is non existent but lots of communal badminton and kids all running wild and free but in a well-trained non annoying way!

NewNameFor2015 Fri 08-May-15 12:03:53

thanks, I'll take a look smile

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