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What's On Your Wishlist For This Season?

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CampingClaire Fri 01-May-15 12:40:46

Obviously apart from endless sunshine!
Just wondered what everyone was hankering after as a new piece of kit?
We got this
at the end of last summer so it's still our new 'toy' and I LOVE it but that doesn't stop me trawling websites looking for more gizmos and gadgets!
I did see a portable hot tub on an American site the other day but it was $1000 so I'm thinking it's not ever making it's way into our stack of kit!

lavendersun Fri 01-May-15 14:05:24

Absolutely nothing gear wise smile, after 25 years of camping we seem to be fairly happy with everything for once.

I am thinking of buying a new weekend tent that I can stand up in but that is still small enough to be able to dry in our barn which we can't do with our main tent. Currently thinking of an Esvo Bedouin but maybe a Cabanon Nouméa (they are out of stock at the minute though).

Oh, I am planning on taking a look at one of the gas powered ovens - I do have room as the dog has the whole of the boot of the car, but need to see one in the flesh to decide it it is embarrassingly large.

MrsHathaway Fri 01-May-15 21:44:17

Oh the Bedouin is so beautiful! Alas, DH is very, very tall so our choices are very limited.

My wish list is all solar-powered. I am still negotiating for a gnome.

colleysmill Fri 01-May-15 22:41:50

Ds is adamant we need a flagpole and (ofcourse) a flag.

RhubarbCrumbled Sat 02-May-15 06:10:28

Icey tek. I'm waiting for an orange one to arrive and am very very excited at the thought of ice cream and ice for the gin!
And I've already bought a table for actually eating at as the boys are both big enough now.

lavendersun Sat 02-May-15 06:42:40

Mrs, DH is 6'3, he won't use this tent much - he doesn't understand why I don't just use our big tent if I want headroom. But I find it really heavy on my own and a pain to put it up again if it isn't dry.

I don't know anyone who has owned an esvo/never seen one though.

lavendersun Sat 02-May-15 08:24:13

I have done it Esvo Bedouin 240 with screen bit, Daisy where are you! I thought it was small enough compared to the Albatros for DH not to moan about another tent!

Mrs, it is actually 210cm high at the front so DH can stand up too.

And ... I am going to the big camping shop the other side of Norwich today to look at ovens (still haven't confessed that to DH either).

Thumbcat Sat 02-May-15 08:57:07

This season I have a new tent, SIMS, fleecy sleeping bag liners (were great at Easter), table and stools from Decathlon, lantern and light up Buddha (essential wink).

I really want a new sleeping bag but can't justify any more stuff this year!

Daisybell1 Sat 02-May-15 10:59:54

I'm on the Cumbria/Yorkshire border Lavender grin

I'm stalking a double vango sim and sleeping bags. Both crucial purchases even though I have suitable existing ones

lavendersun Sat 02-May-15 12:26:16

Lucky you Daisy, I grew up in the Dales and would love to move back.

I have just been to a massive camping shop ... And bought nothing. The ovens were embarrassingly large, I don't need one that big. Nothing else we need at all - shame!

lavendersun Sat 02-May-15 16:37:05

So following this morning's adventure I have just paid £50 for a Coleman Camp oven from the US, how I wish I had bought one when I lived there for $30.

CampingClaire Sun 03-May-15 11:55:30

Oooh lavendersun those tents are very beautiful (maybe cos they look so much like the lovely Albatross. Im getting tempted by Tentipi's as a weekend tent. Saw one on Skye at Easter and it looked so cosy at night with it's stove on. I'd disliked them at first due to darkness but they had their whole frontage opening out onto a sea view with the stove on and it just looked soooooo warm and cosy. I can't imagine EVER cutting a hole in my Albatross to fit our stove inside but popping it in a tipi would work.

WonderIfThingsWillChange Sun 03-May-15 14:51:42

My wishlist includes a cobb but DH is not convinced so I've asked him to think of and plan 7 different meals that can be cooked on our single ring gas stove while we go camping for a week and then we won't get one. If he can't then I can get a cobb!

As I do most of the cooking at home I'm confident I will win wink

Would also like an iceytek but there is no way he would agree to that (his military background means that he already thinks I take far too much stuff camping!)

CampingClaire Sun 03-May-15 15:34:48

Also…hearing lots about the Aerobie Coffee Press. Anyone got one? I'm an espresso drinker so think this could be my wish list item!
Also…anyone cooked kebabs a la Tandoori in their Frontier Stove? I reckon if I get a good fire going for a while, then push the wood back a bit I can pop the skewers in through the open top circle.

MrsHathaway Sun 03-May-15 17:04:51

Thumbcat I've been dithering about a few more SIMs - DH has one and was by far the warmest...

Would seasoned campers recommend them as a solid investment? We are short of car space but rolled-up SIMs could be accommodated.

Daisybell1 Sun 03-May-15 17:43:57

I'm stalking a 7.5cm deep double sim.

I've convinced myself they're sleeping nirvana

lavendersun Sun 03-May-15 18:20:35

I am camping with DD with our 20cm sims, I don't like them sad, I always wake up with an aching hip.

Claire DH tried one of those presses and returned it, he didn't rate it at all, it was like drip filter rather than expressing so we stuck to a stove top burner.

I ordered the wrong tent, senior moment, we don't fit !! 3 plus lab, I hope they read their emails before dispatching. I want the size of the 200 with the height of the 240. Not sure what to order now.

lavendersun Sun 03-May-15 18:21:46

10cm SIMS

lavendersun Sun 03-May-15 18:27:06


grannycake Sun 03-May-15 18:47:38

I've had my aeropress for about 2 years and it's really great. In fact my old bean to cup machine has now been retired and I only use the aeropress. It's been on several trips away and is fab! Much better than cafetiere as no muddy bit at the bottom of the cup

Thumbcat Sun 03-May-15 19:16:14

MrsHathaway I'd say they are a good investment but they do take up a bit more space than airbeds. We got the 7.5cm ones from Costco. It was lovely not to have to pump up airbeds. I'm aiming to get my camping set up as quick and low effort as possible.

MrsHathaway Sun 03-May-15 19:35:41

He has the thin one - I guess it's 5cm inflated, maybe a bit less. I spotted it in a cheap shop so it will have been about a fiver. He had it on top of the fold-out camp bed thing.

I had the (nice, expensive, flocked) air bed, but I could feel the cold through it by 5am so in due course I will upgrade accordingly.

I was told on another thread that campbed plus sim is the gold standard grin

HolyDrinker Sun 03-May-15 20:35:49

DH thinks we desperately need a popaloo for his old man prostate the DCs. I remain unconvinced. Anyone got one?

HolyDrinker Sun 03-May-15 20:36:31

And just ordered an aeropress thanks to this thread!

lavendersun Sun 03-May-15 20:40:04

Granny, I think that dh found it comparable to a cafetiere but not an expresso, we drink expresso - not sure if he got the wrong idea but he was expecting expresso.

God, I am on a camp site - not my usual sort of campsite - after losing my cool with a bunch of youths who kicked their ball into my tent twice earlier, and hit my car, I find myself subjected to death stares from beer swigging bike riding teenagers - jumping down the banks in between my car and tent and generally shouting/firing done sort of gun thing. Horrid experience and why I do no facilities camping. Can't wait to leave tomorrow.

I actually phoned reception at one point but they were closedsad.

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