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Cotton/polycotton or inflatable?

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TheSconeOfStone Mon 27-Apr-15 13:43:35

We've got a 6 man Outwell poly tent that we've been really pleased with but now have a VW van that two of us can sleep in plus we have table for eating so we are on the look out for something smaller and easier to put up. Looking for a 4 man tent for me and DH while DCs sleep in van (hoping to swap when DCs are older) and store our stuff. Caonpy/awning not required as we have a flexible canopy that attaches to the van.

I love the idea of cotton/polycotton but drying is a real issue as we live in a terraced house with yard and no where to pitch a damp tent. DH has joint and muscle pain but refuses to give up camping so maybe an inflatable is the way to go?

Any fans of cotton or inflatable tents able to persuade me wither way?

lavendersun Mon 27-Apr-15 14:18:36

Not quite a 4 man but I have one of these as my weekend tent- we have had 3 plus a labrador! Retro looking affair.

All the recent talk of new tents on her (DaisyBell and GoTell in particular), has had me thinking of buying another weekend tent - maybe with headroom - as a third rather than replacement.

LikeASoulWithoutAMind Thu 30-Apr-15 20:27:58

A friend uses a Decathlon popup for weekends and raves about it. I've not seen it myself but they are seasoned campers and have a bigger tent for longer stays.

Daisybell1 Fri 01-May-15 09:15:41

Don't tempt me to get anything else!

I haven't used the De Waard in anger yet grin

lavendersun Fri 01-May-15 11:25:17

grin at Daisy!

The only reason I posted 'carry on' (as we call it here) as a suggestion here is that whenever we camp in it owners of retro vans come and chat to me about it!

Easy to dry as it is in two parts and not very big.

Daisy, I am thinking of buying an ESVO Bedouin as a weekend tent with headroom, I really really do blame you!

TheSconeOfStone Sat 02-May-15 12:25:36

Lavendersun Thanks for your suggestion but I think we need a bit more room than that. I think any tent that will be big enough will be too heavy, difficult to pitch and and too expensive if cotton. We're not near anywhere to view tents except Go Outdoors.

I'm leaning towards an Outwell 4 man tent like the Corvette Air M as it has big entrances with mesh panels, useful if we ever make it anywhere warm. This would do us for weekends and holidays.

Love the idea of cotton but I don't think it would be practical until the DC are old enough to help pitch.

TheSconeOfStone Sat 02-May-15 12:28:31

Love the look of the ridge tent though. Memories of Guide and Venture Scout days.

Daisybell1 Sat 02-May-15 13:11:26

I got mine after researching stable and easy to put up tents. Although it's canvas it isn't particularly heavy and so it's easy for me to manage. And it's not flappy grin

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