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Camping at Santa Pod advice

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Needaglassofwinedotcom Wed 01-Apr-15 13:05:36

Has anyone done it. What are the showers like, is there a hairdryer? Can you take wine? Can you use a gas bbq? Anything else I need to know?!

TooManyDicksOnTheDancefloor Mon 06-Apr-15 17:05:37

They have good toilet and shower block. Can't remember if there were hair driers but I'm sure there were electrical points on the toilet block. You can definitely take wine! And I can't see why you wouldn't be allowed to take a gas bbq, we used a fire pit. There don't have EHU.

rallytog1 Fri 10-Apr-15 18:32:58

I think taking wine is compulsory at Santa Pod smile Enjoy.

Milliways Mon 14-Sep-15 18:11:43

How did you find it. It's the European finals this weekend so we were thinking of camping as its so cheap. Website says no glass on campsite- better take a wine box or 3 then grin

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