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Too much choice! Please help me pick a campsite in Brittany

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Quenelle Fri 20-Feb-15 11:19:19

We want to take our campervan to Brittany at the end of August. We want a site with a water park, bar and restaurant but not too Butlins-like. I would also like to be walking or safe cycling distance from a beach and/or town if possible and obviously want the best chance of good weather.

DS will be 6yo by then. Are some of the sites more suited to older kids/teens? He might like to check out a kids club if there's one available but we're not too bothered about there being one.

We like a spacious pitch, preferably separated with hedges, but not so close to water we can't take our eyes off DS. And not too close to play areas or noisy entertainment. (Picky, much?!)

Soooo...bearing all that in mind, which site would be best? I've looked at des Ormes, Ty Nadan, Les Deux Fontaines, l'Atlantique, La Grande Metairie and La Plage. Or is there a Better One that I haven't found yet?

Flappingandflying Sat 21-Feb-15 11:03:20

Look at St Cast. There's a Castels one which is nice and we've stayed at although not within walking distance of the sea but there are some others nearer the sea there. The beach is huge and the coast line beautiful round there, sort of Cornwall on steroids.

Carantec les Mouettes is lovely too but the beach isn't a sandy one just mud so you would have to get in the car to a good one (again, lovely). Not in Brittany but Chateaux Les Eaux at Pair ?sur Mer answers some of your needs. Tis just down from Granville and only 4 hours from Calais.

Grand metaire we looked round and hated. Very very busy and the beach there is choca. We stayed at Baden and that was lovely but we didn't camp we used a Key Camp static.

Des ormes is big, busy with loads of activities. Very well run but perhaps more teenagers around???

We did L'atlantique at Fousnant. Beach in easy reach but pitches are really cramped and I think it's been our least favourite site over the years.

Quenelle Sat 21-Feb-15 16:54:29

Wow FlappingandFlying, very comprehensive info there. I'll go and have another look.

Thanks so much flowers

TalkinPeace Mon 23-Feb-15 19:59:09

Locmariaquer area ....

Mossiebonbon Wed 01-Jun-16 13:00:34

Just seen this thread and wondered , have you booked anywhere??!!!

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