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Alternatives to Forest School Camps

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HBeing Mon 16-Feb-15 22:23:18

Our DD and friend are too late to get into FSC and there doesn't seem any nature-based alternatives. Any ideas??

We normally do a really lovely community camping thing every Whitsun / Summer half term but not this year it seems. Wondering about PGL, YMCA etc but the girls (14) are real nature lovers and used to a more indie lifestyle, or at least more trees, sleeping in and less adrenaline. One is super active and the other likes to chill and chat and get into some stuff but also mooch, write, read, do art and read books. She's into Woodcraft and has camped away with them for a week at a time with kindreds.

All thoughts most welcome! Thanks all.

FrozenAteMyDaughter Tue 17-Feb-15 16:17:16

What about this? It looks like something which woud be along the lines of what you are thinking of:

Only problem is that, at 14, it looks like your DD and friend might be at the top end of the age range but that might be ok - I guess the camp would be able to advise if they would fit in or feel a bit too old.

I should say I have no personal or even second hand experience of this place - I found it on Google.

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