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can anyone recommend an Italian campsite?

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Ohanarama Sun 01-Feb-15 08:32:49

We are hoping to take the family to Italy this summer. We have two DCs, 12 and 8. We are too chicken to drive abroad so that narrows the choice a bit! Ideally we would like a large site with lots to do, short walk to the beach and a nice tourist town. Would prefer to be by the sea rather than lakeside. Would love some recommendations please.

MerdeAlor Sun 01-Feb-15 10:56:04

Will you want to do any exploration while you're there? Do you know which part of Italy appeals?

Ohanarama Sun 01-Feb-15 16:00:12

We'd probably like 1 day max sightseeing but the majority of the time we would just like to relax. The kids like somewhere quite busy, with entertainment.

Tiredemma Sun 01-Feb-15 16:02:24

I know of LOTs of people who have been to Bella Italia on Lake Garda and LOVED it

Ohanarama Sun 01-Feb-15 18:04:00

Thanks - I really like the look of Bella Italia. The only thing putting me off is that it's not near the sea. The lakeside beaches just don't look the same!

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