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Help please - Gelert Bliss v Coleman Da Gama v Outwell Amarillo?

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ThereMustAndShallBeTea Sat 24-Jan-15 09:58:16

Having used my ebay £80 cheapie for a decade, we're now in the market for a new tent grin

Will mainly be used for festivals and occasional weekends away (both UK) but have also told DH we might camp for our holiday this year (probably southern France) if he lets me buy a decent tent.

We will be a family of five from April (older DC aged 6 and 3) so looking at the 6 man option in each model.

Like the Bliss for its cheapnesss and darkened bedrooms but lack of dark bedrooms in other tents (why don't they all have this?!) makes me think there's a reason they don't. Like Outwell for good brand and potential to add interesting inner to kids' room. Not totally sold on Da Gama but know it's a good make and have seen it at good price online.

Want: space, storage pockets, windows (all lacking from current tent!). Any thoughts very welcome.

profpoopsnagle Sat 24-Jan-15 10:29:34

I have only had a quick look over and they do seem similar in terms of HH etc. The Gama has steel poles but the other 2 have fibreglass. Fibreglass are lighter and generally sound but steel can work better in windier conditions.

You can get an extension for the Gama which might make the tent more flexible in its use- the basic tent for festivals and then the extension for longer holidays.

If it's raining, getting in and out of the outwell and gelert would be easier as you have a bit more protection from the shelter around the door. Plus you can keep some equipment out there freeing up space inside the tent. The outwell canopy zips off which could be useful if the wind gets up.

What do you sleep on? 120cm bedrooms can be a bit tight for 2 airbeds. I would also think about where the children might sleep and how that night change in years to come. Our last tent had totally separate bedrooms but our one we have now just has a dividing curtain, kind of useful for checking on kids in the middle of the night but not so private!

ThereMustAndShallBeTea Sat 24-Jan-15 18:10:30

Thanks so much, that's all really helpful - things I just don't know to think about.

I am drawn to the Outwell I think for the canopy.

At the moment we all sleep on one double airbed but will need more in future!

MissWimpyDimple Sat 24-Jan-15 21:32:06

I think from a space point of view the Gelert is great. You have large bedroom space, a covered living space and a decent kitchen/wet weather space.

The coleman lacks the canopy which I find invaluable, and the Outwell has an open canopy, which whilst good for shelter won't be much good for storage or cooking.

Gelert is a good make. Cheap but decent quality. I would go with that on the basis that you can then justify changing it again in a couple of years when your needs change...

ThereMustAndShallBeTea Sat 24-Jan-15 23:09:23

That's good to read as I have just panic bought the Gelert as there were bargain ones on ebay, based on exactly that reasoning - that we can upgrade in a few years (also thought if I've been happyish with our cheapo one for ten years then anything will seem like an upgrade!). Love the canopy too and although the Coleman and Outwell are probably a better make I thought as entry level tents we wouldn't be getting the full benefit of paying out for the better brand (if that makes sense).

Also the carpet is dirt cheap for the Gelert so going to treat myself to that too smile (lots of bargains on actually for anyone looking for camping equipment)

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