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French camping Londoner can drive too?

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BeCool Sun 11-Jan-15 15:58:40

I've not got the most fantastic knowledge of Western France - but I've always wanted to rent a cabin/caravan on a French campsite.

I'm a single parent with 2 young DC and am looking for somewhere family friendly we could drive/ferry/eurostar too. Trying to keep costs down. I've been glamping in UK before and loved it but I don't have any equipment myself beyond a sleeping bag and Trangia smile So I'm really looking for a site where I can rent a cabin or one of those on site tents.


HettyD Sun 11-Jan-15 18:56:32

I would start with Eurocamp, canvas holidays or al fresco holidays...have a look at the website and pick somewhere you think you can drive to comfortably (Brittany? Normandy? Loire?) and a site that has lots of activities. If you want a starting point have a look at Eurocamp chambord site 'chateau do maurais'. Good luck!!

cheerup Sun 11-Jan-15 19:11:17

Also look at Venue Holidays. UK based and I found their prices v competitive. The tent when we went with them (Italy) was fine.

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