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Camping in the Netherlands

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Flatsfromnowon Sun 28-Dec-14 09:37:41


Has anyone been camping or hired a caravan in the Netherlands?

I'm looking for suggestions, recommendations and experiences. Our dc will be 2.5 when we plan to go.

Thank you in advance.


Idefix Sun 28-Dec-14 10:03:52

Bergen aan zee area is lovely, beautiful beaches, huge stretches of dunes that have cycle paths (naturally) throughout.
We usually stay in a hotel but have seen lots of campsites on our bike rides, camping and, maybe look at, chalets and camping holiday parks.
Very child friendly and lots of places to hire bikes.

badger21 Sun 28-Dec-14 18:04:47

We stayed in 3 different campsites last summer - and loved everything about Holland.

South of Amsterdam. Not near anything. Lovely small campsite, with mini animal farm. Nice people.

On Texel. Lovely campsite on fab island. Awesome beaches, cycle paths everywhere.

Massive but laid back campsite, not really near anything, but chilled out and good cycling. In cool camping book. River swimming and entertainment.

Let me know if there's anything else you want to know!

Flatsfromnowon Mon 29-Dec-14 15:35:05

Thank you both smile I will look into your suggestions and probably come back with a few more questions.


profpoopsnagle Tue 30-Dec-14 23:25:16

We camped there last year and had a great time. We prefer smaller sites, so looked at 'nature camping' (not naturist wink )

We started at Ijmuiden which was a great place to experience Dutch camp life as well as Haarlem, the Zuiderzee museum at Enkhuisen and Amsterdam (though we got a fast catamaran which I think has now stopped, you now need to get the train).

Then we went to helfterkamp for a week. Lovely to have a week here, we went to the Hoge Veluwe, Deventer and also got the train into Amsterdam to visit Nemo. Smallish kids club and activities.

Lastly, we went to this nature camp near Breda which had the best activities for the age of our kids, but by this point we didn't do much outside the campsite, opting to chill out and drink beer!

It's quite hard to find details of sites other than the big ones, so try searching for terms like camp grounds etc rather than camp sites. We really liked the smaller ones and made some good friends with Dutch campers around us. The only downside is that it can be harder for your own children with the language barrier but that's likely to be less of a problem with 2.5 year old.

rhinobaby Fri 23-Jan-15 17:37:26

We are also thinking of camping in the Netherlands this summer. Did anyone go on the night ferry from harwich? How was it? DH is keen on beach area, so any advice about the north sea coast would be welcome - I have been looking at the sites in south holland including - does anyone know this area?


profpoopsnagle Fri 23-Jan-15 20:44:13

We used the night ferry- good experience really. The cabins are quite spacious and was a smooth crossing. There is a code knocking about for £50/off if you book before the end of January- might be an idea?

We get to Harwich for early tea and have had food either at Morrisons cafe or in town to save eating on the boat. It's a bit of a drag waiting for the boat after that. You also arrive quite early, so will get to your campsite early and may not be able to pitch straight away.

I can recommend the first site I posted if you like beaches- it's just a bit further up from your campsite.

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