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Sleeping bag for winter camping question.

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Blu Wed 03-Dec-14 19:38:36

DS is going on a winter camp with scouts in January.

He has a good 2/3 season bag and a lightweight summer bag (a 10', hiking bag, so not warm). Will he be warm enough if we slot the lightweight one inside the other one?
If not is there a good value but effective sleeping bag for camping in January, in the southern half of the UK. ?

grumpyoldgitagain Wed 03-Dec-14 19:56:12

He should be fine with those 2 bags one inside the other

Layers are warmer than one individual bag which is why sleeping bag liners are only thin and they up the temp rating of a bag by around 5 degrees

As I sell camping gear I am lucky in that I have plenty of sleeping bags to choose from as well as liners but in cold weather I just double up, if it is forecast to be really cold when he is going then a fleece liner can be had for around £10

grumpyoldgitagain Wed 03-Dec-14 20:00:46

Also the rechargeable hand warmers that you flex a disc in to activate them and make them hot are always good on a really cold night as you get in to the sleeping bag and don't take up much room
Usually if your body is at a decent temperature as you get into the bag you will stay warm better than if you get in freezing and have to build heat up rather than conserve it so hand warmers are useful if it is really cold when you get in

Blu Thu 04-Dec-14 12:46:20

Thank you, HelpfulOldGit grin

I'd love to have a job selling camping gear.

Rechargeable handwarmers? They sound great. Good idea to put one in the sleeping bag at night.

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