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La Garangeoire- how to get there? Companies? Accommodation? Help!

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UnleashTheBaby Mon 17-Nov-14 16:23:21

Thinking of booking next summer, as DH fancies a change. I'm very much of the hotel and villa persuasion normally (sorry!!) but saw this one reassuringly described as "the John Lewis of campsites"! grin

Any hints please? We'd be in a mobile home not a tent. 3 young kids under 5. Which company is best? Have the Eurocamp brochure at home but was stunned at the price.

How do you get there? Fly? Overnight ferry to St Malo? Kids aren't brilliant at a prolonged car journey, probably 3 hours at a stretch would be the max.

Any tips would be much appreciated!

longtallsally2 Mon 17-Nov-14 16:29:20

Oh it's lovely! You can book directly at Le Garangeoir - just google them. Your kids wouldn't get to go along to the Eurocamp clubs, but you could still enjoy the site. Canvas or Matthews used to have mobile homes there, and are a bit cheaper than Eurocamp, so that you would have a rep on site, and kids activities.

If you want to reduce prices a bit, we got the overnight ferry to Caen. You arrive c 7am, then have a five hour drive - three hours then you stop for a late breakfast/picnic/play in a park. Two more hours and you are there.

You can book a cabin for the overnight ferry but it's only 6 hours. You have to book a reclining chair each, ((c£5 each) but they aren't really comfy. Get the kids to take a sleeping bag and blanket each - there is plenty of space to snuggle down on the floor, and we all slept really well (on our sleeping bags, under the blanket)

HeyMacWey Mon 17-Nov-14 16:37:43

Book direct with the campsite rather than through one of the camping companies - you'll save a fair bit.

You could fly to either la rochelle or nantes. St Malo would probably be about a 4 hour journey so doable with your children.

photocop Mon 17-Nov-14 16:43:39

It's a gorgeous place, full of Brits yes, but the John Lewis/Boden types. I loved it there. The onsite restaurant is pretty good. We stayed in a two-bed mobile home, it was honestly the best holiday we've ever had with young children.
We took the car and went via Eurotunnel. Approx 7 hour drive from Calais. Long, yes, but worth it. Gorgeous weather (August) and lovely beaches not too far away.
Book direct with the site, it's cheaper and they still offer kids' club and babysitting etc. The staff all spoke English but were happy to speak French if you wanted to practice!

UnleashTheBaby Mon 17-Nov-14 18:55:03

Lovely, thanks everyone, very reassuring.

Has anyone done an overnight ferry crossing in a cabin, is it hell on earth or reasonable? I don't have amazing memories of ferry travel from my childhood!

I guess even if we flew, we'd then have to hire a car locally. We'd need 3 car seats too which is always a real pain.

dreamingofsun Wed 19-Nov-14 09:36:42

garageoire is probably best site we have been to in france in 10+ years of this type of holiday. not too keen on area though. Do not travel on a saturday as toll queues are awful. we stayed in canvas mobile - largest one with dishwasher. pitches were very good, i'm trying to remember the other espec good pitches - think they were thompson alfresco. canvas was expensive (think they were more than eurocamp) but good. cold at night in july/aug

always done overnight from portsmouth to st malo. you need a cabin and i wouldn't hang around too long booking one. we had one both ways. we all really enjoyed the entertainment on the ferry and the bar etc. i don't sleep especially well, but the crossing was part of the holiday, not torture.

maybe over your 3 hour journey time. however, flying defeats the object of this type of holiday for me in that you can sling everything into a car.

south brittany's weather stats aren't that much different to north vendee and its much prettier and not so far to drive

Hillfog Sat 22-Nov-14 19:35:09

We've been there twice and just trying to sort dates for next year.

Ferry from Portsmouth to St Malo is preferred route for us (towing a touring caravan). We usually book an outside 4 berth cabin. It's 2 sets of bunks with a basic ensuite shower room. All usually sleep pretty well and I wouldn't do the crossing without a cabin. Can't imagine I'd sleep a wink with the potential for the kids to wander off at whim!! Nice to be able to have a shower etc too.

Usually break the journey from StMalo at services called Aire de Pommeniac, about half way down. There's a petrol station and decent cafe/shop/loos with picnic tables outside so we have a longish break from the car. I think the drive takes about 4 hours in total but that is towing and with a stop.

It's a lovely campsite and the kids always have a blast. We used the site's own kids club and babysitting last year with no problems (booked direct).

summerlovingliz Sat 22-Nov-14 19:44:32

Sounds lovely, interested as looking for similar

UnleashTheBaby Sat 22-Nov-14 22:19:38

Thanks all! We went ahead and booked it so fingers crossed!

Am still dithering about how to get there, but veering towards Eurotunnel as 10 hours of seasick toddlers fills me with horror. Oh and price- £100 tunnel vs £600 ferry shock

cluelessnchaos Sat 22-Nov-14 22:24:58

I've been twice, first time loved it second time, meh. Just felt a bit too Boden and twee. The next year we rented a villa and pool near carcasonne for similar money and loved it

Waswondering Sat 22-Nov-14 22:28:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

playftseforme Sat 22-Nov-14 22:30:09

We've had a couple of holidays in the area, have been by ferry to St Malo and also by Eurotunnel. Loved how easy Eurotunnel was and the price, but we stayed overnight in Le Mans, because just couldn't make it all the way there with our three dc.

UnleashTheBaby Sun 23-Nov-14 06:31:27

Fab thank you.

Boden and twee is just fine for me I think, I am very much a hotel person and need breaking in gently to the world of campsites!

waswondering that's really reassuring. We are already booked into that premier inn but for more like £80- I'll watch out for special deals in Feb.

play I suspect we are in for a journey of abject misery either way with 3 under 5, so we might as well go for the cheaper journey of abject misery grin

Waswondering Sun 23-Nov-14 09:10:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Waswondering Sun 23-Nov-14 09:12:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SummerSazz Sun 23-Nov-14 09:21:29

Every year we drive (+ ferry/tunnel) to Central France - 12 hrs door to door and it's always been fine. I really couldn't be doing with faffing with an overnight ferry trip which only gains a few hours sleep.

DC are 8 and 6 now and we have been doing it every year from before they were born.

Baie de la Somme services are nice but not that far from Calais. We tend to stop on the far side of Rouen towards Le Mans although I have no idea if that is on your route.

Flappingandflying Fri 28-Nov-14 19:20:51

Hi. Canvas and Thompson delux three bedroom have the best pitches. I know the campsite like the back of my hand so if you phone and talk to Marie Helene or Jean Luc (they speak perfect English) and see what availability there is of their own homes (look on their website) then I can tell you where they are. The mobiles with verandas are a must. The ones with verandas that look like french metal awnings have massive pitch sizes. The castels premium three bedroom is luffly, we found it more noisy in that location but its opposite a big field for small people to play and we are a bit past that stage. However, people book as they leave so there might not be availibility.

You do need a car to get to beaches and also see area.

Overnight is fine. You'd get in at around 2.00 pm from an overnight. From calais its a long old haul. Don't travel on a saturday.

UnleashTheBaby Sat 29-Nov-14 09:09:36

Flapping rats I've already booked! You sound like a very useful person to talk to!

They didn't have the dates we needed on the campsite website when we booked. We ended up booking with Eurocamp as they seemed to get good reviews. We've booked a 3 bedroom Espace mobile home with them, I hope it's ok! I've checked our dates and Thompson only have a 2 bed mobile then.

We are travelling on a Monday. I'd pretty much decided on Eurotunnel (especially as only £50 in tesco vouchers) but you've got me doubting myself now. Are there cabins that can take 3 kids though? Can it be a rough crossing?

Flappingandflying Sun 30-Nov-14 17:24:08

Monday travel is fine. Actually we are doing the tunnel this year as last year we went dfds. Ferry out was fine but back (day time crossing) we hit the end of the hurricane. My son and I were very very very very ill. And then the loos on our side of the boat packed up........ Truly horrible and he's declared he's never going on a boat again! To be honest the cabins are four berth only so given that you've only got beds to make up when you arrive, tunnel is fine. baie de Somme is good and there's a nice stop off after Rouen. eurocamp are nice. We are going July into August. Recommend you take packed lunch and then you don't need a sooper dooper aire to stop off in as parking round lunch time can be problematic and their sarnies are expensive. Also take a cold cooked chicken in the cool box then just get takeaway chips from the site for supper. Recommend you take a good veg knife and a cheapie chopping board or two - they only use those glass ones in the mobiles and they are crap.

Have you booked the linen pack? Take bath mats (towelling ones not great big huge things!). Extra beach towels also good. Beach at Dunes 1 and 2 is good for body boarding. There's another one which is good for small people.

It was their 50 year anniversary this year so there were some celebrations. When we were there there was a massive banquet in the grounds of the chateau. They asked people to stand up if it was their first time at La Garangeoire. Out of 300 people, only 10 stood up! Some people go year on year and have been there 20 plus years. We go back because our youngest has made friends so they go, etc etc. plus it is lovely. The owners are very much present and are quite strict. do go on Madames Wednesday walk. You learn loads.

newname12 Sun 30-Nov-14 17:32:01

Look at easyjet- we got flights for 4 plus a week car hire for about £350.

eurocamp have a deal on if you book before dec 5th, or they do cash back via quidco. They also do loyalty discounts so future holidays will be cheaper.

We didn't do the kids clubs but still found the eurocamp reps very useful, would definitely book via them again. Library and toy library good.

I'd book soon as it does get full.

Make sure you go to Le Grand Defi next door, it's fab. Kids would have gone everyday.

We didn't find it very "English" at all, many different nationalities, and the staff accepted all forms of mangled French, so we got some practice smile

UnleashTheBaby Sun 30-Nov-14 18:20:50

Brilliant, thank you both for the tips. I can't remember if we booked the linen packs- I think we did. Should I ??

Flappingandflying Mon 01-Dec-14 19:11:41

It depends on how much washing you want to do when you get home but it is dreary getting home, washing everything and having to do sheets as well.

rockybalboa Mon 01-Dec-14 19:27:54

I wouldn't describe it as the John Lewis of campsites! Sainsburys maybe. There is a other site in the same village called La Foret which I much preferred. Not so much in the way of Butlins type activities with the mobile homes beautifully spaced out in the trees.

UnleashTheBaby Tue 02-Dec-14 17:17:44

Washing is bad. Will book linen pack!

Sainsburys is fine smile

Lemonsole Tue 30-Dec-14 18:53:37

We've had seven years there so far,and take our own tent now. We used to do the fast ferry to Cherbourg, which is a short ferry crossing and six-hour drive, but now take the overnight ferry to St Malo, which is a three- four hour drive. I'm very bad on boats, but the huge ferry in August is v comfy and easy.

It's a lovely place; a real home from home. The 50th anniversary parties this year were lovely, and that they enforce their site rules makes it pleasant for everyone - nobody abusing booze or being rowdy at night. Their pools are fun, but not manic fun, which deters older thrill seekers.

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