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Has anyone stayed at L'Ardechois?

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frozenmad Tue 14-Oct-14 22:19:40

Planning next years hols & thinking of staying here. grin

thatwasmyfavouritedress Thu 30-Oct-14 09:55:41

We camped at L'ardechois for a week towards the end of August last summer. We weren't that keen on it. It's incredibly expensive - the most expensive campsite we've stayed on, but not that special. The pool is only OK and the people working there were very unfriendly. The bar and restaurant were ok but nothing special. It doesn't have the lovely atmosphere of some of the castel sites. The plots were good - really big and the loos were great. If we were going again we'd book a plot right by the river. The river is the best thing about the site, but even being there after high season, it was incredibly busy with canoeists. The whole area is really really touristy. So it wasn't for us, but lots of people seemed happy there.

frozenmad Sun 02-Nov-14 18:15:59

Thank you for sharing your experience, that's really helpful. We have ruled this campsite out. Can anyone recommend a site in the Ardeche?

CampingClaire Thu 06-Nov-14 12:15:29

We stayed at the Castels one Chateau de Boisson which is a wee bit away but we did the canoeing and stuff on the Ardeche on easy day trips. All the sites along that river stretch looked like my idea of camping hell (very squashed).
Loved the Castel's one and if you need any more info just ask. We stayed on one of the pitches with it's own loo (not as posh as it sounds) and the ground was quite stony but the facilities and feel of the site made up for it!

frozenmad Mon 17-Nov-14 20:34:45

Thanks campingClaire, I'll have a look at your recommendation. Sorry for the delay, it wasn't showing as an active thread of mine.

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