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Camp sites similar to Sandy Balls in the New Forest...

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wibblyjelly Sun 05-Oct-14 13:34:39

Stayed recently at the above camp site and loved it. Just wondering if anyone can recommend a similar site, as I'd like to book to go away next year a few times. We have a car, so distance not too much of an issue...

Nobloomingideapgornot Mon 06-Oct-14 15:05:54

Lovely site, loads of facilities inc bar, take away, swimming pool, pony rides, petting farm, playground, small soft play.
Great area with an amazing beach just ten mins away, Combe Martin dinosaur park
Highly recommend

Milliways Tue 07-Oct-14 17:06:05

[[ ]] Pentewan Sands in Cornwall has a clubhouse, inddor pool & ball pit etc. We had a lovely stay there though on far side of the site, avoiding the clubhouse, as had a pitch right on the sand (it has a private beach.). Good bus service runs from outside the site and you can also walk the coast path to Mevagissey.

Milliways Tue 07-Oct-14 17:06:24

Pentewan Sands

FelixTitling Tue 07-Oct-14 17:09:13

Sandy balls? <snigger>

wibblyjelly Tue 07-Oct-14 18:09:52

I didn't see one of the sandy balls either sad

riskit4abiskit Fri 28-Nov-14 23:01:18

Park foot on ullswater is great

hooker29 Fri 02-Jan-15 16:48:36

Hoburne Bashley is in the New Forest.We've been loads of times and love it!

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