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New car for camping trips

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jocars0178 Tue 30-Sep-14 08:29:08

I've recently separated frim my husband and during the last year have started camping with my two children and small dog. Ive struggled fitting everything into my peugot 207 even with a roof box. I feel i need to get a bigger car that is economical but the right size for these trips. Any suggestions anyone?

Purplepixiedust Tue 18-Nov-14 10:16:19

I have a similar problem.

Bought a vauxhall mireva earlier this year with a view to fitting my camping stuff in and its great but then I bought a bigger tent and more stuff...

I am thinking of getting a tow bar and back rack fitted now. Much cheaper than the 5k I would probably need to spend to upgrade again!

I have noticed that lots of big cars/SUV/MPV are roomy inside but the boot space is not that huge. Check out the litres, the exterior can be deceptive.

campingfilth Sun 14-Dec-14 19:22:45

I am a single parent to one DS and a dog (although rarely take him camping as he barks at any kind of ball game!) I have a vauxhall Zafira and it is fab. However, I bought a bigger tent (air tent 6 man) and now also have a trailer.

I have no idea why I need so much stuff or how my car etc gets so packed. I used to go camping in a 3 door fiesta!!!

CatsRule Wed 07-Jan-15 14:22:17

Our previous camping trip were in a :

Chevrolet Cruze salloon - 2 adults and a 4 man tent - we filled the boot and all of the back seat but it was comfortable enough and had a 12 hour drive with some comfort stops.

Chevrolet Cruze estate - 2 adults plus a baby and a 6 man tent - filled the boot, back seat and floors and it was a bit of a tight squeeze. I felt the baby was a bit enclosed in. Apart from the baby seat, baby and his things and tent size, all of the rest of our things were the same.

We've recently bought a Vauxhall Zafira Tourer and will be going on a 600 (ish) mile drive to Cornwall. The boot space seems a bit bigger and we're hoping to have a roof box so the plan is not to have much in the back seat...that's the plan!

I think sometimes it's a case of (well it is with me) filling the space you have - I seem to think of more things to take!

OddFodd Wed 07-Jan-15 14:26:10

The best boot I've ever had for camping was a 207 SW. You can fit masses in it (and sleep in it with the seats folded down!)

SparkyUK Wed 07-Jan-15 22:59:27

It's not increadibly sexy, but Fabia Estate boot is huge for a car on the smaller side. It has 505 liters as opposed to 270 offered by the 207 or 380 in the golf. Not a huge amount of room in the back seat but fine for kids and little ones like me.

Muchtoomuchtodo Wed 07-Jan-15 23:01:49

I came in to say skoda Fabia estate too.

Mine was fab!

feetheart Wed 07-Jan-15 23:10:07

Our old-style Picasso has HUGE boot-space and was bought mainly on its 'we can fill it up with camping gear' potential smile
10 years, and one more child, later and we can still fit all 4 of us (DH, me, DD(11), DS(9)) and a week's worth of gear in it but now we want to take bikes.

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