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Should I go camping without DH?!?

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Honeymoonmummy Fri 29-Aug-14 23:05:37

Am thinking of taking 2 DC's camping this Sunday to Tuesday, my eldest has inset days from school until weds. DH can't come as he needs to work altho may be able to join us for small periods. Am thinking of going somewhere local where he can help to pitch the tent then I'll stay alone with the kids (5 and 3) for 2 nights. The weather forecast is cloudy but nighttime temp not too bad. I want to do it because out of DH and I, I am the camping fanatic and the kids love it too. But I'm wondering if I've just got my rose-tinted glasses on and in fact I will not stop from the moment I get there. So I thought id let you mumsnetters decide!! Wwyd?

Honeymoonmummy Fri 29-Aug-14 23:06:19

If the weather forecast was amazing I would definitely go for it...

KnappShappeyShipwright Fri 29-Aug-14 23:22:47

Definitely! If you weren't camping with them, what would be you be doing instead? I often take mine without DH (I'm the camping nut in this marriage) but since they are older and can help with pitching etc we can go further afield.

I'm working this weekend otherwise we'd be heading off ourselves - it's been four weeks since I was last in a tent and I miss it.

Honeymoonmummy Fri 29-Aug-14 23:26:45

That's exactly why i want to go - we've only been for 3 weekends this year and I really miss it, we usually get a weeks camping in. I can't bear the thought that I won't be going again until next year!! I'm definitely gonna get a smaller tent so I can do this next year, we usually can't go camping cos of DHs work until end of July so missed all the good weather this year!!! We have an outwell Montana 6 which is a bit big for just me and kids! smile

Honeymoonmummy Fri 29-Aug-14 23:27:17

Would just take them out/round to relatives for trips out.

goingloombandcrazy Fri 29-Aug-14 23:34:13

Can you pitch solo? If so go! I can't so have been limited as friends not interested in going this year!

MissWimpyDimple Sat 30-Aug-14 08:22:22

I just bought a Quechua 4.2xl pop up tent for exactly this reason. I haven't tried it yet but will be today!

onaroll Sat 30-Aug-14 12:25:12

Go for it smile
I do most of my camping without Dh.
He can't get the leave , I enjoy it more.
Sometimes I go alone and meet friends other times I take my Dd and Ds stay at home with Dh.

momb Sat 30-Aug-14 12:34:47

Do it! t's also an excuse to buy a smaller tent so you can do it more next year for odd mid-week nights in the holidays. When I was a single parent I had quechua 3-man pop-ups: we'd camp 8 times a year based on 'two good days coming, lets stick the tent in the car' and it was fab!

Metellaestinhortobibit Sat 30-Aug-14 12:41:36

If you're worried about how warm it will be and/or pitching on your own, you could try a pod like this
I've just been the with dcs and without dh, and it worked really well.

hillbilly Sat 30-Aug-14 17:11:02

Do it! I did it over Easter for 2 nights which turned into 4 since we were having such a blast. I'm the camping nut out of the 2 of us and it felt really empowering doing the tent, the fire and everything else.

Also the weather may not last.

Ineedmorepatience Sat 30-Aug-14 18:01:37

Yep, I have always camped with the children without DP. He does about a week each year but we do lots grin

You will be busy but it will be fun.

Good luck smile

cece Sat 30-Aug-14 20:37:36

I only ever go on my own. DH does not do camping.

Honeymoonmummy Sat 30-Aug-14 23:43:59

Thanks all, we're going tomorrow! Am looking forward to having the double aerobed to myself!! wink

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