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Has anyone ever part exchanged a tent?

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HexBramble Fri 29-Aug-14 22:30:48

Our Royal Athens in bloody enormous. It's simply too big now that eldest DD doesn't come away with us.

Plus, as much as I nag DH to minimalise, he simply fills the van and tent with so much shite and it takes bloody ages to pack up at the end of the holiday. I'm knackered since returning and need to do things differently next year. I love camping abroad and the freedom and fresh air that it allows my children, but my camp is badly planned.

My Athens is in superb nick, all parts and zips intact. It's just more suited to a larger family.

lavendersun Sat 30-Aug-14 08:21:03

Not part exchange but we have always put ours on e-bay. We have managed to get decent prices too but you have to choose the right time of year - we put our Cabanon on in May this year (waited until the start of the season even though we had already replaced it) and asked almost what we had paid for it (>£2k) with a buy it now, no best offer listing - it sold in 10 days.

Have also sold backpacking tents on e-bay and a small pyramid with equal success.

If you are prepared to post you will get more people interested - pain but obv buyer pays postage costs.

I would wait until after Easter if you can.

HexBramble Sat 30-Aug-14 09:28:03

Lavender thanks.
That's great advice

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