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Which SIM??

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Romily Wed 27-Aug-14 17:24:14

After freezing and having to come home early I have invested in some good sleeping bags and now I am going to invest in some SIMS.

Which ones are affordable and comfy? I sleep on my side and am not exactly a featherweight wink so I would like to be both warm and comfortable without breaking the bank.

Thank you!

Mylovelylovelyhorse Wed 27-Aug-14 17:32:35


MissWimpyDimple Wed 27-Aug-14 17:33:55

How much do you want to pay and is packed size an issue? I have the Outwell Dreamcatcher 7cm and I find it warm and comfy. It was about £50. I love the look of the 10cm ones but it seems like they are either massive rolled or silly expensive (£150 shock).

TortoiseUpATreeAgain Wed 27-Aug-14 17:36:58

I love my Alpkit Dozer, but Alpkit don't make SIMs any more. You might be able to pick one up second-hand, though. It doesn't pack down as small as DH's SIM, but it's so comfortable.

Romily Wed 27-Aug-14 17:40:29

Space is not a huge issue however I have bought enthusiastically for camping and would not like to go wild.

Price as well is something I would like to keep as low as possible as I seem to have spent quite a bit blush

TortoiseUpATreeAgain Wed 27-Aug-14 17:55:34

Dozer on eBay

SalomeD Wed 27-Aug-14 19:59:44

Go for as thick as your budget allows. We have Vango & Multimat - the lstter rolls up smaller and more easily

MinimalistMommi Thu 28-Aug-14 18:48:28

I've got an Exped Megamat 10 XL and it's more comfortable than my bed, it was heaven to sleep on. I can't wait for camping trips now LOL as I know I will have a lovely and warm nights sleep. It's a cross between a SIM and an airbed.

droogie Thu 28-Aug-14 19:47:24

We got these from Costco online (you just pay a few pounds extra if you're not a member). Great for the price and very comfy. They get good feedback on the ukcampsite forum,cos_5.4,cos_5.4.2/149330

We're hoping they'll last a few years and we can decide whether to pay more or not next time (when it's not the same year as buying a new tent, roofbox and Icey Tek grin)

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