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Ideas for camping meals

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fadingfast Tue 26-Aug-14 20:07:52

I just wondered whether anyone had some suggestions for quick/easy hot camping meals. We've so far only done short camping weekends, and don't seem to ever manage to get beyond doing pasta with sauce (usually a jar) or sausage and beans. Other than that, we've had instant porridge and eggs/bacon for breakfast.

Any other suggestions? We don't have a fridge so cold storage is limited to a cool box and ice blocks. We don't mind buying a few fresh things locally if necessary but don't want to cook anything complicated. We have a decent two-burner stove with a small grill.

Oh, and I'm vegetarian but not the other three in our family grin.

Risotto with fresh bread works well as a meal here. Instant mash and sausages is easy and maybe beans. A stir fry would work if you bring a big pan? Or this book has been recommended before on mn camping threads:

fadingfast Wed 27-Aug-14 23:34:47

Thanks Dontstep, I didn't even know you could still get instant mash! Think I'll have to do a bit of hunting in the supermarket. The book sounds good too, although I'm not sure how well those sort of meals will go down with my picky lot.

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