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What are you doing differently next time?

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Cheebame Tue 26-Aug-14 17:46:32

Well that's our camping for the year done, and it went well, I think. The tent went up and stayed up, and didn't leak despite reasonably strong winds and very heavy rain one night and we all had a good time.

But of course, on the last night OH and I sat out discussing what we needed to bring next time, and what we didn't need at all.

So far we think we need:

another table (we have one of those ones with built in chairs) so DD can do colouring/jigsaws and/or we have more room to prep food

proper camping beds - airbeds are ok, but even the new one let some air out and I can't be bothered pumping them up all the time, so off-the ground camp beds it is - although all the ones I've seen so far seem to have a great metal pole in the middle

a few more solar lights from Poundland - good for marking out the edge of the tent so DD doesn't trip over the guy ropes in the dusk ...

the trailer fixed up and ready to roll

possibly a 3-way fridge - the campsite we were on was quite a way from a shop and milk doesn't last too long in a coolbox even with ice-blocks in it.

And we don't need:

one of the pods in the tent - we use a sleeping pod as a sort of walk-in wardrobe, but in reality it's a total waste of space (where we could put the new table)

What equipment do you want/need for next year, and what are you not taking again?

Changebagsandgladrags Tue 26-Aug-14 18:58:23

Well I am very much a newbie having only done the one camping trip (plus a trip to France in a pre erected tent).

Next time I would bring the bloody mugs. I remembered the wine glasses, but not the cups. Also forgot the egg turner over and dustpan.

I would love a table and a fire pit and lights. And a better bed solution. We just had sleeping bags on the air beds.

However, the car was rammed, so I'm at a loss as to how to fit more stuff in.

hyperhops Tue 26-Aug-14 18:59:44

oh list is endless!
things we need:
1. a new bigger tent
2. bigger table
3. kitchen storage thing of some sort
4. upgrades for some of our sleeping bags
5. a small electric heater(!)
6. decorative items for said new tent!
7. more/better storage (boxes/crates etc)
8. a better light
9. more head torches/torches
10. a fire pit
11. a trailer to put all of the above in!

I think we used everything we brought with us this year actually though so not sure there is anything we can ditch at this stage!

hyperhops Tue 26-Aug-14 19:00:38

oh and proper waterproofs for all members of the family and more hats/scarves/gloves!

Romily Tue 26-Aug-14 22:19:00

We had a disastrous last trip and were all frozen when we went to bed so we will need:

Sleeping bags - on order
Cooking solution other than the gas stove

Thumbcat Wed 27-Aug-14 08:30:10

For next time I'm getting a fleece sleeping bag liner to keep me warm at night - I've never known such cold nights in August!

I also need some sort of storage container for stuff like bread and cake, either a breathable but squirrel proof box, or maybe a cooker stand with a mesh cupboard underneath.

Springcleanish Wed 27-Aug-14 08:37:12

Next year we'll remember the plug for the electric cool box.
We'll take an electric heater as well as a fan.
Everything else worked well, it was a good holiday.

Cheebame Thu 28-Aug-14 11:03:22

Changebagsandgladrags said "I would love a table and a fire pit and lights. And a better bed solution. We just had sleeping bags on the air beds.

However, the car was rammed, so I'm at a loss as to how to fit more stuff in."

We're much the same - I don't like disposable barbecues but we ended up using them (only £1.75 from Wilko though) - a fire pit and one of those cooking tripod things would be great - hyperhopps, my project over the next 11 months is to get the trailer roadworthy again, because like you, we filled the car pretty much. We took duvets and sleeping bags smile Trailers always seem to be a lot of money for what you get, but I was lucky enough to find one for sale locally that was a total bargain - it just needs new bearings (about £80 and an hour or so with a spanner) and new tyres and it will be as good as new.

Hadn't thought about a squirrel proof box, Thumbcat! We just kept ours in the cardboard box we got in Aldi, but perhaps we were lucky. If I was a rodent I'd totally move in near a campsite I suppose.

Romily - I've had a look at SIMs (self inflating mats, right?) - are they as good as people say? They look to be expensive for what you get, but airbeds are rubbish, and all the 'framed' beds I can find don't look very practical as a double because they have a big metal support in the middle.

Also; headtorches - we got a few from Poundland which were comfortable bright enough for campsite duties. They were a bit roughly moulded so I glued some fun foam out of DDs craft box on to the bit that goes against your head with Poundland epoxy resin, and they were great. They are no doubt not that waterproof, but they're fine for trips to the loo smile

Stengor Thu 28-Aug-14 22:42:51

A 4 socket extension lead plug into the EHU lead as just three plug sockets isn't enough for the kids to charge up all their electronics.

Really good ear plugs.

Outwell kitchen storer - just found it online this evening and it looks like a very handy bag for all your kitchen bits.

Bigger tent (it won't happen, but I'd love an Outwell Vermont XLP)

Breathable outdoor carpet for tent porch


Thumbcat we just kept our bread, biscuits, cake etc in the car.

Cheebame SIMs are very warm, maybe too warm, although that could be because I put a duvet and simulated sheepskin thermal mattress protector on top and slept under two more duvets! Found the SIM more comfortable than an air bed, but nothing like my own bed and I'm still searching for better sleeping solutions.

SummerSazz Thu 28-Aug-14 22:49:06

We have (I think 7cm) thermarest sims. They are v v comfy and warm and pack pretty small, especially when compared to beds.

Not too much to do differently for is as we camp for c.5 weeks each year! Fridge and loo a must in my book and we never prebook so we avoid miserable rain by heading elsewhere or postponing....

MyballsareSandy Fri 29-Aug-14 08:19:30

What I will do differently is never camp in this country again for our main summer break. 10 days is far too long in the pissing rain, ankle deep in mud.

riskit4abiskit Sat 30-Aug-14 11:07:08

Get a roofbox maybe! The bloody pram takes up loads of boot space.

And a windbreak

GruffaloShampoo Sat 30-Aug-14 14:54:58

Side extension
Dustpan and brush
Fairy lights wink

GruffaloShampoo Sat 30-Aug-14 14:55:45

Oh and sims as our bloody air mattress needed pumping up every day.

WyrdByrd Sat 30-Aug-14 23:14:12

Stengor we have just got back today from our first trip in our new Vermont XLP - we got it from a camping show complete with footprint, carpet & a couple of camping chairs for about £750 (thanks to a generous contribution from FIL).

It is absolutely brilliant - if you are ever able to get hold of one, don't hesitate. Our old tent was pretty good & a similar size but the Vermont is 1000x better. I was quite anti getting it from both a money and a size point of view but am so glad we were able to now.

It is a bit of a beast to get in the car mind you!

We are going for 7 nights next year - I will have my bunting & fairy lights come hell or high water! Also a new chair as mine broke, and an extra mallet.

Best additions to the kit this year were a 13.5 tog duvet from Argos for £12.99, and china mugs - so much nicer than drinking out of plastic.

We have Intex camping beds that plug in and self inflate. They need a little extra air every other day but we're not a particularly small family (tall DD & DH and porky me!).

HexBramble Sun 31-Aug-14 21:22:17

We're starting from scratch tent-wise, it's too big and takes too long for DH (who is struggling with a long term injury - and, bless him, takes too long agonising over fine details). So we want a smaller tent than the Royal Athens.

I'd like to think of a better dining solution - one that can be left outside for the whole duration of our holiday (always go to France).

We seem to have all the 'stuff' we need tbh, but ai did make a capital letter note this year to TAKE LESS CRAP!

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