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Coleman Event Shelter - what size? What side panels?

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PavlovtheCat Mon 25-Aug-14 22:38:27

Family of 4, have a soul pad (small one), don't need it right next to the should pad particularly. But close enough. We often camp with friends, often on our own. Have a smallish car. Have a table and four chairs set thing which we will put inside it if the weather is not fab.

So, question 1: do I get 15 x 15, or 12 x 12 size? How much bigger is the bigger size? Is it too big? And importantly how big is it when packed? And what is the difference in size between the two when packed?

And question 2: what are the best sizes to get, how many do you need, as a minimum? Is it better to get all 4 sides, with one a door, and be done with it? or two sides and use a wind break if needed (still need to buy one of those too!) or, even just one side, to shelter our stove.

Thank you!

Flappingandflying Sun 31-Aug-14 20:48:06

We got one of these and it was brill. Really quick to put up. Although not waterproof it withstood very heavy rain with just a few leaka and the mosquito nets were useful. We had a six seater table in it and there was plenty of room for other stuff.

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