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Cobb - help please?!

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whatwouldaudreydo Tue 19-Aug-14 17:41:15

My beautiful Cobb arrived yesterday, but I haven't a clue where to start with it!

I'm not a 'natural' cook and thought the Cobb might help with camp cooking a bit, but now it's here it's just a bit overwhelming! I've never even done a bbq blush. The recipe book isn't up to much, and the instructions are a bit vague.

I have the frying pan (flat one), the fry dish (wok) and the roasting rack, as well as a single ring gas cooker.

Could anyone give me some help meal planning for me and two slightly fussy kids for a 4 day camping trip using the Cobb and single burner? In particular cooking times and amount of fuel to use (got Aussie Heat Beads) advice would be most welcome eg how many briquettes and how long for jacket spuds...?
I would be taking all ingredients with me and a bit pushed for space, but have 25l icey tek (show off!).

horsehound Tue 19-Aug-14 23:37:42

We have a Cobb but have used it more at home as a BBQ substitute (after our greyhound knocked over the BBQ and broke it!). We tend to use it to roast meat as we have the cobb briquette thingies that burn for 2 or more hours. I've also used it to cook flatbreads and jacket potatoes. IMO it's more suited to roasting than it is to a quick breakfast fry up, although I'm happy to stand corrected on that! The cobb briquettes are the biggest pita to light, always the best part of a box of matches and lots of cursing blush which may explain our hesitation in using it for frying or other quick meals!

yellowdinosauragain Tue 19-Aug-14 23:54:11

Top tip for lighting - put a firelighter under the fuel basket and light that before sticking the basket containing fuel back on top. Always lights first time.

Loads and loads of threads on here about food on the Cobb if you search

droogie Wed 20-Aug-14 20:59:53

I found some videos on YouTube that helped me get my head round it along with these recipes and experimenting in the garden.

My top tip is to resist opening the lid to peek and to put a cheap meat thermometer through a hole in the top so you can get an idea of how long things will take without peeking and dropping the temperature

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