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tent bucket toilets - do you have one?

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riskit4abiskit Tue 19-Aug-14 13:02:36

If so which type and do you pour it down the loos in the morning and flush or use chemicals and dispose of it at the portaloo disposal point?

Ds still wakes in night at nearly one and when he does I decide I need the loo and can't be doing with settling him then going for a 3am trek out. Also I was thinking would be good for when he is toilet training and cant wait.

what do you think?

DoristheCamel Wed 20-Aug-14 13:24:46

I recommend lining the bucket with a h eavy duty bin liner and using a few scoops of cat litter. then binning the securely fadtenef bag in the morning. Saved splashes and risk of spillage in the tent.

SalomeD Wed 20-Aug-14 13:27:49

Agree wholeheartedly with DoristheCamel but can I add that the wood pellet cat litter is your best choice as it swells up well and smells nicely of pine (the pale, clumping sort just doesn't seem to perform so well).

Some people stick an opened baby nappy in the bottom - same effect

riskit4abiskit Wed 20-Aug-14 15:24:48

Thanks, great ideas.

Stengor Wed 20-Aug-14 22:08:35

I've just ordered a portable unisex urinal from ebay. They only cost between £5 and £10 and they've got a screw cap, so hopefully no worries about spills. Will just empty it down the loo in the morning.

lentilpot Fri 22-Aug-14 03:14:28

We bought a bucket toilet when we went camping when I was 36 weeks pregnant, it was amazing and I will never camp without it again! I didn't line it or use cat litter, just tipped it out behind the tent in the morning (only used for wee and put toilet roll in a bag next to it).

FishWithABicycle Fri 22-Aug-14 05:03:46

I use either these or these or these

Wouldn't use a bucket as it would clutter up the tent when not in use and I just know a child would decide it was a boat or something for a pretend game which would be gross.

I prefer using the disposable ones as I can just get rid of them each morning. The peebol ones are great for being smaller to store and cheaper, but the traveljohns and the non-disposable one are a bit of a nicer shape to use as you can press them firmly against your body and be sure that there's not going to be any splash out.

riskit4abiskit Fri 22-Aug-14 19:03:22

Hmm my ds is already the type to try and climb into a wee bucket so probably not a bucket.

With things like a sheewee I am worried about splashage and getting it in the right place. Sigh... I am just the type of person who misses and wees down their leg sad

riskit4abiskit Fri 22-Aug-14 19:05:11

I don't think its camping manners to throw wee behind tent lentil. It might smell for the next people who use the pitch?

StairsInTheNight Fri 22-Aug-14 19:17:42

urinals these are really good, they don't come undone and very easy to use.

Lucylouby Sun 24-Aug-14 17:30:31

I always thought it would be bad manners to chuck wee behind the tent, but it seems lots of people are to lazy to walk to the toilet block in the middle of the night so squat behind the tent in the dark. (I learnt this recently camping with friends) So it can't be that bad to tip the bucket out in the bushes...

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