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Fab first camping trip - thanks for all the help and advice!

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Stengor Sun 17-Aug-14 20:54:12

Just back from first ever camping trip and wanted to thank all of you on this forum for your fabulous tips and advice! Took some persuading to get my DH to agree to try camping, and my teenage DDs weren't too happy about it either, so I was rather surprised when DH insisted we go for 9 nights! Thank goodness, we all absolutely loved it and we were really tested weather wise in Holland. We caught the tail end of hurricane Bertha and had torrential rain, thunder, lightning and gales, all of which added to the excitement! There is something so cosy about being inside a tent, snug and warm, listening to the rain lashing down. Also, just loved drinking my early morning tea sitting outside in the fresh air.

So pleased I listened to advice here and bought a decent tent secondhand on ebay (Outwell Nevada L) which took all that the elements had to throw at it. The SIMs were also brilliant (I'd never heard of them before I looked on this forum!), and kept us all warm and comfortable. In fact, I think we were extremely well prepared equipment wise thanks to MN and probably looked like seasoned campers.

Now we're planning another trip this weekend! I'll be buying an Icey-Tek next!

ViviPru Sun 17-Aug-14 21:11:15

Yay sounds great! So glad it all went well smile

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