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Dutch Ovens

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ComfyLeatherChair Thu 14-Aug-14 07:21:22

We have just bought a Dutch oven (gulp). We are going wilderness camping in Wales, so will have a lot of time to potter around a campfire - weather permitting!
All recipes, advice etc very gratefully received.

Oh, we will be taking a normal camping stove as well!

foolonthehill Thu 14-Aug-14 21:50:01

I love my dutch oven:

I just adapt tagine/slow cooker recipes for over the fire cooking adding ingredients gradually so they get the correct cooking time....
then if you have some nice hot ashes you can try a very slow bake in the fire pit to give you breakfast in the morning. Don't forget that the fire needs lighting ages before you cook on it...just like a BBQ it doesn;t depend on flames but on heat form the wood/charcoal.

here is a good website for some interest ing recipes

don't forget to heat some water on the fire at the same time so you can wash your duchy hot

and don't trust the "re-seasoned" it yourself before you go...sometimes the pre-done ones are ok, but it's too late to find out you need to season it when you've cooked your first meal!

have great fun!

SparkyUK Sat 16-Aug-14 04:00:53

Can I ask what your set up is for dutch oven cooking? Do you need a tripod?I saw that campfire grills has a hook you can hammer into the ground but DH thinks that wouldn't be stable.

foolonthehill Sat 16-Aug-14 23:06:10

Personally I have a tripod that you can hang the dutchy from...ours has a chain that you can shorten to reduce heat...also used for the kettle as I don;t usually have a stove.

however you can rest the oven on stones at the edge of the fire pit or bury it in the embers/cover with the coals depending on the type of cooking you are doing.

as a good girl guide I have been known to fashion a suspendy thingy from branches (but you have to keep them wet or they burn...very inconvenient) I have also repurposed a BBQ grill and stood the dutchy on that (not so satisfactory as i couldn;t get to the fire!)

I'd go for the tripod...easiest and most stable!

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