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1st time camper help

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sbm78 Wed 13-Aug-14 12:51:11

Hi all, I'm looking at taking myself and kids off camping. But I have actually no clue about what I will need? Will there be somewhere to shower or will I need to go without a wash for 3 days lol...

I might sound stupid but I actually have no idea. If i go to one of these camping holiday parks will I have to cook at the tent or can we be lazy campers?

I live in portsmouth so anywhere west (devonish) or east (brighton)

Any advise helpful.

Thank you.

winnertakesitall Wed 13-Aug-14 12:55:15

The camp websites themselves should give details of facilities- check out which has lots of sites.

You'll need a tent, beds, torches and I you are planning on cooking a gas stove. It was our first summer camping this year, and we went to nethergong campsite near Whitstable in Kent and LOVED it!

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