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Anyone been to The Big Feastival? Any good?

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jennylambchop Mon 11-Aug-14 20:50:39

Slightly interested in going, however we're not mad on full-on festivals with a kid, and prefer something a bit more chilled-out and low-key (and allowing some peace and quiet at night to sleep). Is this festival any good?

ZuleikaJambiere Tue 12-Aug-14 22:39:39

I'm wondering the same, DH has been offered tickets and I'm considering going. We could either go as a family (5 and 2 year old DC) or just DH and I. Given that we've never done a festival before, or camped!

Lotkinsgonecurly Fri 15-Aug-14 11:11:21

We went last year and wouldn't go again. It was ok but really small, food was good but very pricey and there wasn't huge amounts to keep the kids occupied for a weekend. We went for the day and they we're fine but weekend they would've been bored.

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