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Camping meal ideas

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Taystee Mon 11-Aug-14 08:25:26

I'm looking for some inspiration for dinner ideas suitable for a one year old who isn't keen on being spoon fed. Usual camping staples like spag bol (too messy) and corned beef hash (too salty) don't seem like such a good idea.
Drawing a total blank here.
I've got a cadac safari chef for cooking on and an icey tek so should be able to keep things nicely chilled.

Not sure really as we tend to either do sausages or the spag bol type meals. But pinterest has a lot of ideas - I've pinned lots of camping food articles - just need to read them now blush.

stubbornstains Mon 11-Aug-14 10:05:33

Pasta and the like is my big bugbear when camping- surely the least practical thing to cook on a stove/ fire on the ground when there are children wandering round is something involving a big pot of boiling water, which needs carrying out and draining?!

I tend to base camping meals around things you can cook in a frying pan, or on a fire (I love open fires, and always go to campsites which have them). My first night meal is nearly always a frozen pot of ratatouille, which I've made in advance, plus sausages, and sometimes jacket potatoes done in the fire, in foil.

I don't know what your baby likes, but what about pancakes? With sauted vegetables and cheese perhaps? Or omelettes?

stubbornstains Mon 11-Aug-14 10:09:25

Oh, and couscous is good when camping (although DS has always flatly refused to countenance it)- you only need to pour boiling water on it from the kettle and soak it, then add whatever you like- feta, tuna, tomato, herbs, fried courgettes/ onions, etc.etc....

CampingClaire Tue 12-Aug-14 11:55:08

What about pasta with chopped up cooke/smoked meat and veg like tinned peas? That way lots of finger eating but no sauce? Slightly out of the toddler eating thing now - youngest is nearly 14 but she loved food she could pick up herself - asparagus and broccoli, feta cheese and fusilli pasta...the twirls seemed to make it more appetising!!

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