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Is anyone due to go camping next week worried our tent may blow away and maybe us with it!!!!

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Dickorydockwhatthe Mon 04-Aug-14 21:58:17

So bloody typical all of this lovely weather and as of next week there is a threat of a summer 'potential hurricane' storm. Do I just ring up and cancel sad

MJP1 Mon 04-Aug-14 22:07:53

What where ? We are off to South Devon on Saturday for a week ! I'm off to look at the weather reports sad

Dickorydockwhatthe Mon 04-Aug-14 22:35:53

We are going to Cornwall I really need this break I think might cry if we have to cancel as the prices seem to awfully high this year probably due to the term time holiday ban.

Guilianna Mon 04-Aug-14 22:41:40

I'm off to Wales. No wonder, it usually pelts it when I go. Just take plenty of pegs.

RiojaHaze Mon 04-Aug-14 22:45:35

We camped last weekend and were forecast storms and constant rain but only had a few showers through the night.
Be positive! (Easy to say when you're in a house!)

Stars66 Mon 04-Aug-14 22:50:08

Noooooooo shock
We are camping in Kent. I am fully positive if good weather grin

DannyShouldHaveChosenRizzo Mon 04-Aug-14 22:55:36

Bollocks.crap. Bugger.
I am off to Cornwall on sat!
And it will be my first time on my own with the DCs.
I can't even put my tent up properly in good weather!!!!!!

Dickorydockwhatthe Tue 05-Aug-14 00:06:51

Oh shit. I will add extra pegs to my list, wine, spare poles, wine, and some wine and anything else I need to prepare???

Dickorydockwhatthe Tue 05-Aug-14 00:07:19

More wine???

SmileAndNod Tue 05-Aug-14 07:53:17

Noooooooo! We are due for our first ever camping week away there's going to be a hurricane shock? How are you supposed to camp with three small people in the rain?

I only popped over to camping to ask if any experts have 'a list' for packing. Will add waterproofs to that list then..

DoristheCamel Tue 05-Aug-14 08:03:26

Wherw have you seen this potential hurricane storm forecast?
I have not heard about it yet and am camping for 2 weeks from Saturday.
Do you have any more details as to when or where?

SmileAndNod Tue 05-Aug-14 08:17:10

There is a thread in the weather section with a DM link which says that we are due to get the after storms from hurricane bertha (I think). Who knows.

Dickorydockwhatthe Tue 05-Aug-14 10:22:14

That's the one Smile why oh why oh why.

DoristheCamel Tue 05-Aug-14 11:10:10

sad sad Am beginning to feel like our camping holiday is doomed.

We have had one problem after another.

Am praying tge forecast maybe more optimistic for the East Coast.

Dickorydockwhatthe Tue 05-Aug-14 11:26:33

Positive thoughts to wish the storm away grin

MyNameIsInigoMontoya Tue 05-Aug-14 23:33:05

Take extra-strong tentpegs and some strong washing line or rope. Peg everything down like crazy and use rope to tie tent to hedge/trees/car in all directions. Then drink the wine.

We survived a pretty bad storm in Cornwall 2 years back using this method grin Nearly everyone else went home but we had nowhere to go!

Still the forecast may well have changed by then...

Pixel Tue 05-Aug-14 23:40:46

What lovely weather is that then? We've just got back from Cornwall and while we had a few decent days it certainly wasn't beach weather and we had one night when I really thought we'd be washed away before morning!

So don't think the weather is just picking on you grin.

Besides, I've read that the hurricane is a 'possibility' and might peter out over the sea or bypass us altogether, they just don't know, so don't panic just yet.

Pixel Tue 05-Aug-14 23:43:30

Besides, it's what happens at home while you are gone that you should worry about. We got back to find my greenhouse, bike shed and allotment destroyed by golfball-sized hailstones and our telly blown up by a lightning strike...


BravePotato Tue 05-Aug-14 23:49:21

Where and when was that pixel?! shock

DoristheCamel Wed 06-Aug-14 00:01:30

omg Pixelshock

I am leaving dh at home so hopefully he can deal with a lightening strike or even come and rescue me and the dcs.

Pixel Wed 06-Aug-14 00:19:51

It was Brighton, monday last week. There was lots of flooding too but luckily for us we live on top of a hill.

Dickorydockwhatthe Wed 06-Aug-14 17:20:50

Oh bloody hell pixel. We have had mixed weather here but not her like that!!

Tournesol Wed 06-Aug-14 17:42:13

We are going camping to Suffolk Coast on Friday. The campsite is on a freaking cliff! What was I thinking? (Oh yes I remember I had drunk lots of wine and had rose tinted specs imagining sitting overlooking the sea and beach).

Please let the forecast be wrong!

MJP1 Wed 06-Aug-14 21:06:48

I 2nd that we're off to Devon on Saturday sad

Pixel Wed 06-Aug-14 21:19:58

Ha ha, we left it to the last minute to book (as usual blush) and I got fed up with looking at nice places that were booked up, so I told Dh to "just book anything, as long as it isn't on the edge of a cliff" grin.

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