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Did anyone get to Aldi?

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HexBramble Thu 26-Jun-14 21:01:26

They have their camping stuff on sale today.
I'm keen on the moonchairs, table and there was something else that I can't quite remember hmm

CrispyFB Thu 26-Jun-14 21:07:00

Bought some of the children's camping chairs - they seem okay but could do with a cupholder! But excellent value for money at £5.99.

ViviPru Thu 26-Jun-14 21:46:42

My friend got the moon chairs, she said they're alright but the bottom bar where your legs go is a little uncomfortable which makes me think they're not the same spec as the £40 ones I've got...

FelixFelix Thu 26-Jun-14 21:49:08

I totally forgot! Fancied having a look at the little barbecues they had.

alliwantis Thu 26-Jun-14 22:32:27

Sent my hubby in with a shopping list and some £5 off £40 spend from today's Mirror and had the mains cooler box, 2 ring gas stove and grill, kids chair, 2 led lamps and a whistling kettle. Looking for bargains because I just spent a fortune on a 5m bell tent. Going to Argos Tom as they have a up to 50% off camping gear. Hoping to do first camp with the children this weekend (age 4.5 and 1) providing the tent arrives and it doesn't really piss it down!

Efferlunt Thu 26-Jun-14 22:33:45

Moon chairs were not comfy!

nikki1978 Thu 26-Jun-14 22:35:36

I have everything I need so didn't bother but I already have one of their coolboxes and they are very good. I already have a moonchair (£40 one) - best camping chair ever!

CharmQuark Thu 26-Jun-14 22:40:59

No but I bought the fire pit last week.

OhHowILoveMyPuppies Thu 26-Jun-14 22:44:02

Any other thoughts on the moon chairs? Sat on them in Go last year and very comfy...wondered if the Aldi ones come up quite small as they're so cheap.

ViviPru Thu 26-Jun-14 23:04:28

Puppies One of mine is the Go Outdoors HiGear (the others I have are identical but from The Range) and my friend says her Aldi ones aren't as padded as mine. She's taking them back and getting the Outwell Trelew from Charlie's Outdoor for £30.

OhHowILoveMyPuppies Thu 26-Jun-14 23:09:33

Thanks ViviPru...the priced seemed too good to be true. May nip in tomorrow though and try one out, although its not really that kind of shop (if you know what I mean...don't think me sitting in the aisle will go down too well with the hyper-efficient staff!)

MegBusset Fri 27-Jun-14 14:18:15

I got the kids' camping chairs. Don't really need DH won't let me buy any more stuff!

HexBramble Sat 28-Jun-14 18:51:03

Oh well. No more tables left in my Aldi. sad

Olive15 Sun 29-Jun-14 01:55:31

Haven't been there yet but thanks for the heads up.. I'm goig camping soon so this might be useful smile

HexBramble Sun 29-Jun-14 07:20:04

Olive I think Argos camping stuff are 50% off too today wink

Ineedmorepatience Sun 29-Jun-14 13:30:54

Bought a 4 man tent from Aldi this morning for £80!

It has a 3000 hh which is double what the Asda/Tesco/Halfords ones usually have. Easily room for 2 double airbeds too.

I had a small 3 man Aldi tent years ago and it was fab so thought I would give it a whirl.

May have to sell a pop up or two as I now have 6 tents blush

Olive15 Sun 29-Jun-14 20:51:19

Oh realy.. Thankyou

youbethemummylion Sun 29-Jun-14 20:54:35

I got a blue and white stripey windbreak I am far toi excited about it.

Needadvice5 Mon 30-Jun-14 23:02:18

I bought the tent, still in the boot of the car, who knows when it will come out.....

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