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camping with wild swimming

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You4coffee Mon 16-Jun-14 20:23:05

hello campers

I'm keen to find a site either with it's own wild swimming, or something very nearby - river, pond, lake, the sea.

I really like the look of the secret campsite and swimming at barcombe mills but it's very close to where I grew up so thought if try to be a little more adventurous.

I prefer the more rugged and basic campsites to anything to pristine!

could be anywhere across the uk but would prefer se for quick weekenders.

any tips greatly appreciated.


Letsgoforawalk Mon 16-Jun-14 22:11:13

This might fit the bill...

hz Mon 16-Jun-14 22:30:33

Yup, thats what I was going to say too. Also there are some swimming holes on Badgworthy Water in the Doone Valley, a short walk from either Cloud Farm or Doone Valley Campsite.

CharmQuark Tue 17-Jun-14 14:49:33

Where do you live?

Side Farm Campsite is right on the shore of Ullswater, so you can stroll straight out of your tent on to the shallow gravelly beach and into the chilly depths of lovely Ullswater.

There are a few tarns within a lovely and easy walk straight from the campsite, too.

hz Tue 17-Jun-14 20:27:06

Wow, Charmquark that site looks amazing. I would even give up my campfire for a pitch like that. Must get myself to the Lake District sometime soon!

FencePanel Tue 17-Jun-14 20:28:29

River Dart Country Park is fab, and very near loads of wild swimming like Spitchwick.

You4coffee Tue 17-Jun-14 22:01:39

thank you for all the fabulous suggestions. time to dust off the canvas... grin

Toothfairy2750 Sat 19-Jul-14 22:12:54

Llyn gwynnant campsite has it's own lake. Similar to side farm but in wales .

Reluctant2ndtimer Sat 19-Jul-14 23:33:19

If you fancy the Lake District there are a couple of campsites near (ish) to Keswick alongside the river derwent. The river here is beautiful, amazing clear water and some really nice deep pools. borrowdale and further up the valley is stonethwaite which is very basic but the same river and some great pools including black moss pot which is fantastic for swimming, in fact I'm not sure why I'm sharing...

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