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Quick options for a mat which I can get on the high street today, please

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yellowdinosauragain Fri 13-Jun-14 11:26:03

Aldi did camping stuff a couple of weeks ago and might still have some in. You can get a fab sim from there that is a bargain at about £15. I have them and they're great.

You'd be able to get similar in go outdoors but they will be much more expensive. I'd go for the thickest sim you can afford (aldi ones 5cm)

hillbilly Fri 13-Jun-14 10:46:46

You should be able to get a decent Self Inflating Mat (SIM) from Go Outdoors.

alabasterangel Fri 13-Jun-14 10:35:56

This is for DH. We are camping tomorrow (to avoid next doors f-ing football party, but that's a whole other thread). We've most of the kit, got it when we were pre DC and then never went cos I fell pregnant! DH is an experienced 'camper', so its not new territory.

However, given we are now taking two DC and us, we need to get today, something suitable for DH to sleep on, quickly! He has a good mummy sleeping bag but only a basic roll mat (he's a hiking-luggage carrying camper) and he says it's torture. I can get to argos, tesco, aldi (if they have stuff at the moment) or a smallish branch of go outdoors. He's broad (rugby player!) and doesn't like camp beds. I also want him to be comfy, cos if he isn't he snores......

What can I get pronto? I can pop in my lunch hour but don't have time to spend researching and trawling, so I hoped you bunch might have an instant recommendation?!

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